Can I uninstall old program versions after updating to a new version?
Question by Jeff Card /
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Whenever I install a newer version of software I often see that the old version is still on the hard drive. For example the old versions of Windows programs or on a Mac, the old versions of Numbers or other such programs.
Should you just uninstall all old programs or are there some things in the old programs that are needed by the new program? It seems a waste of space to have so many old versions of different programs.

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Answers (2)
  • Aibek

    If you see two different version of the same program installed you may uninstall the older one. As jack mentioned, usually when you update the programs it removes the older version automatically. In case that happens I would say it's safe to uninstall the older version, in most of the cases.

  • Jack Cola

    You may want to try Disk Cleanup in Windows. Usually when you update a program, it should not install a fresh copy and leave the other software there. Maybe you should uninstall the program first before updating/installing it again.

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