How can I unblock my Windows Live/Hotmail account?
Question by ahmed hussain /
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My Windows Live/Hotmail account seems to be blocked. I can’t log in even after changing my password. I get an error 800488fe. The message that I receive is that my account has been blocked or compromised. I’ve tried previous methods in MakeUseOf guides and have not had success. Are there any other tips? I have been using this account for 15 years and I don’t want to lose it.

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Answers (82)
  • mohamed thariq

    How can i receive security code? i can't get code ..plsz help me.. can u sent a code to alternate email address..?? Plz ..i need i am using since 2009..i can't lose this account? pls or sent to my mobile number code..plz...

  • Rae

    The same thing happened to me someone hacked one of my accounts and I tried getting it back but I couldn't so I used my newer account to try get it back but it didn't work so I reset password and now it keeps saying my password is wrong... I don't know how to get in my account cuz I think it's blocked now

  • ana isabel córdova

    I culdn"t enter to my hotmail the program tells me that I need a code How can I get the code?

  • mohammad alam

    my hotmail email id using since 4 years, but last week blocked my id . how to open my email.

  • julie sloan

    my account is blocked gave u my husbands email so use can contact mee and it has been three days still not herd anything

  • Amy

    I tried to sigh into my MSN account but it says someone must be using your account and it says it has been blocked my email is this please unblock it it has important emails on

  • Rosida

    can you unlock my hotmail account, please. Is the service free

  • mudassir

    my hotmail id has block a long time its can not open now i don't know what hapend?

  • susan clark

    I cannot get anyone to help me unblock my account I need to get into my hotmail my contacts for work are there as well as all my saved e-mails can someone please help me?

  • billy

    MICROSOFT. You should at least WARN people before blocking their accounts, because some use these accounts for their professional life. You should upgrade HOMTAIL security instead of making people pay for anything they did not even know of. This is not fair and just.... I'm waiting since 4 days now and still no response from microsoft support team. This is so frustrating.
    If you warn people before blocking them, they could at least transfer their address book to an alternate account and forward arriving emails also to the alternate account. This should be possible, in order to let people live in peace instead of just bringing extra stress and frustration in their lives.

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