How can I unblock my Nokia 1616-2 phone after entering the wrong code once?
Question by aishwaryaa /
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My Nokia 1616-2 is not unblocking. First I put wrong code, but then I put the right one. Still it’s not getting unlocked. What should I do? Please help!

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Answers (94)
  • jhonrey

    can any one help me my security code getting unlock IMe:35402/04268249/9 COe:0587503

  • jhonrey

    my phone needed security code and the code is no working how can i open my phone? IMe:35402/04/268242/9 Code:0587503 Help me?

  • edward mishra

    sir mayne apna code 54321 tha baar 2 missuse se mera phone lock ho gaya hai plz help me

  • anthony brooks

    please help me

  • anthony brooks

    my Nokia 1616 is lock and i cant get access to it because as i turn it on it asked for the code can you please help me

  • Vences

    Hello aishwaryaa,

    I think I had the same problem, at the begining I thought my phone will become rubbish for the eternity, but luckly I found the solution

    If you don't have changed the default security code (12345): Turn off your phone, remove battery for 30 min, after that put again the battery, turn on and digit default security code (12345)

    In case you have changed the security code (my case), it is better to have it well memorized or secured somewhere, because that will be the security code you have to digit instead (12345)

    What happens if you dont remember/find the changed security code?
    Get in contact with nokia care, I heard they have the tools and knowledge to handle this situation (special fee might apply)

    Best Regards

  • dark18

    last # key won't work.. plzz help

  • Ndan28

    Me too. But I realized that by using your first 8 digits of your phone numbers, you will get as your PUK. Then change the New PIN code, then I was stuck at Verify New PIN code. ANY HELP???????????

  • Vishnu

    hi ,


    MY PHONE NOKIA 1616-2 IS BLOQUED  IMEI357876041912520

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