How can I unblock my MSN email account?
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After changing my email password one day, I came back the next day and attempted to access my MSN email and I received the message that my account had been blocked. They gave info through their online help center (I know now that the so-called help center is none existing). By following their instructions, after numerous attempts over several days, I am still unable to access my email. How do I unblock this account?

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Answers (4)
  • Paul gaedner

    my email acconnt is block

  • Paul gardner

    my email is block

  • Mulder

    If you mean you are unable to login to your Hotmail/MSN account, or even change your password, then it has been blocked/suspended. In that case, you need professional help.

    You should email Microsoft and politely (and succinctly) describe the problem and what you've tried to do to regain access, then ask them to solve your problem.

  • Anonymous

    Someone is using my msn account to send out emails without your permission, 

    your account is unblocked on the server's end. recommend you to change the
    personal information, password and Secret Questions and Answer

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