How can I unblock my MSN email account?
Question by Judith Tourlouki /
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I have received a message that my e-mail account has been blocked as an unauthorised person is sending spam through my e-mail. MSN asked for my mobile phone number to send me a new code but nothing has been sent. What can I do?

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Answers (34)
  • roxi

    i have tried to access my account but i cant get the code which gets sent from mo***** but i dont know what it is! how can i resolve it to access my msn account i need to have my emails from that account as waiting for a personal email from university ? please help

  • jemil yusis

    my friends email has been block so i want you to send me the unlock code so that i can activate it again.

  • Merry

    my email account has been blocked, how can i unblock it, as they keep asking me for the code, i can not access to my other email address, any help ?

  • Paddy

    Hi I have encounted the same probably with my account being blocked for spam. I have followed links in the replies but all lead me to a page where I only get the option to send code to a alternate email which has since been closed. There is no option to send code to phone

  • john sullivan

    I received message that my e-mail account has been blocked as person is sending spam through my e-mail. MSN asked for my phone number to send me a new code but nothing. What can I do?

  • Haraz

    i just tried to sign in from 10 minutes ago , he told me we noticed some unusal actions in your account and some stuff, the i clicked on Verify account then the word continue came down i clicked on it then he said that they will send a code to this email mi***** and my email is what should i do please some one answer me because i need my Account as soon as possible because many thing is sent to it about exam studies and stuff.

  • Rosana Meneses

    i need to unblock my email address to read my messages

  • mohame

    I would like help for any means to get my account open

    • Susendeep Dutta

      What kind of difficulty are you facing.Could you please elaborate your problem?

  • Evian

    How do I unblock my MSN account ?
    That MSN said will send the code to my another account, but I dint receive any code from other account.

  • david

    could you help me someone had blocked my email and unable to unblock do I need to go teck or could I get a program form a store to protect my self from this happening to me again?

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