How can I unblock my Hotmail account?
Question by sylvester mason /

How do I get my Hotmail account unblocked? I was using my call phone to check my mails and forgot to log out before I logged into the computer on Tuesday. Now it’s 3 days. I have sent out mails to see if they would unblock it for me, but no luck and no reply.

Please help me as I need this account as I have mails from my work place on this account. Thanks for the help in this matter!

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    Please un block my hotmail A/c.

    With Regards.



    Respected Sir,

    My hotmail a/c blocked. please opened the mail.

    With Regards.


  • Zavier Vereen

    How can you unblocked my email address from here?

  • yusuf

    my e-mail acount was blocked, how can i unblock?

  • Gerri

    I cannot open my hotmail, I had it fixed, last night and had the Avg internet security downloaded and I still cannot get in no matter what I do, please help me!!!!


  • graham bulley

    my account was blocked and now i can not get into it

  • Ali

    please help me, my hotmail account has been blocked,when i sign in they write your account has been blocked,i press continue they say send an email to ad***** but i dont know this email and i can t receive any code,and i can t skip and go to my inbox,what doing i do?

  • kathryn Pritchard

    I have a block on my hotmail acct and do not know how to get it unblocked.

  • cookie

    help i want help no1s is answereing the question

  • Khalid

    dear Team my Hotmail ID is lock so how can i lock it and plz send me ur anwer in my Gmail ID oK

    thank you waiting for ur reply

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