How will an Ubuntu netbook edition work on a full sized laptop?

Gustavo Ibarguengoytia January 19, 2011
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Every day I move more and more into the cloud and the bulky Windows 7, while great (for a Windows OS), seems rather excessive for my laptop. I don’t use it for gaming or design, I use it for music, internet, downloads, mail, and the occasional stream to my 360.

I don’t use an Office suite, since I moved to Google Docs. And because of this I was interested in Ubuntu Unity. I already tried Ubuntu 10.10 desktop edition and didn’t like it. Previous editions were not very compatible with my system, so I am downloading Unity as I write.

I was wondering if it would work properly since it is designed for netbooks. Will I get better battery life? What happens when an OS designed for a smaller, and less powerful system is installed on a more powerful system?

I already know I´ll loose my 64-bit software benefits, but I really don’t use or need them.

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