How can I turn on the ‘service to detect network status’ in Windows?
Question by Derald Hausmann /
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The network icon in my Windows system tray has a red X on it and the thumbnail says “the service to detect network status is turned off.” This is a new one to me. I didn’t know it could be turned off, and how do I turn it back on? My internet connection is fine but that red X has to go. Anyone know where the ON button is?

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Answers (6)
  • Deraldhausmann

    To FIDELIS from Derald H. Thanks for the dead on post!! Worked perfect on my vista machine. Still don't know how it got disabled but windows services is up and running again and all is good---thanks again.

  • Richard Carpenter

    Possibly a corrupt Winsock. Do you know when it started? A corrupt winsock happens a lot after you uninstall software, usually Anti Virus Software.

    To fix a corrupt winsock:

    netsh winsock reset catolog


    Hello, I guess you are having trouble with some services. What operating system are you using? It would be helpful to know. Try the following steps, it might help:

    If you are using windows XP:
    -- Click Start
    -- Click on Run
    -- Type services.msc
    -- Find the following services and follow the following steps:
    Network Connections >> right click >> properties >> general >> find startup type >>set it to manual >> make sure the status is set to started.

    Network Location Awareness >> right click >> properties >> general >> find startup type >> set to automatic >> make sure service is started.

    If you are running windows 7/vista:

    -- start
    -- type services.msc in search box
    -- find the following services and check how they are setup. If they are setup differently than below use the steps described above to change them to this:
    Network Connections >> make sure it is started >> startup type set to manual
    Network List Service >> make sure it is started >> startup type set to automatic
    Network Location Awareness >> started >> startup type set to Automatic
    Network Store Interface Service >> started >> startup type set to Automatic

  • Anonymous

    Check if the following services (responsible for internet connection) are set automatic and started.

    · DNS client

    · DHCP Client

    To do that:

    1. Click start

    2. Type services.msc in the search bar

    3. Open services.msc

    4. Search for the above mentioned services and start the services if they are stopped.

    for repair network

    or if you logged as guess account

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