How can I transfer a Sony Reader library to my iPad?
Question by Nina /
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I have books I downloaded to my Sony Reader and now want to transfer them to my iPad. How can I do this?
Thanks, Nina

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Answers (7)
  • Petervn47

    I have two books still on the computer.  HOw would I transfer them to itunes?


    • Jakuntz

      I have had the best luck with blue fire, it reads PDF and ePub

    • Jakuntz

      Down load blue fire, then plug iPad into computer. Select apps blue fire will show at the bottom with a box you can drag you books in.

  • Travislinda

    Has anyone tried this?  Does it work, and how long does it take?

    • Anonymous

      I haven't done it with those devices, but I have 3 nooks and I use caliber to manage them with a library close to 2k books, so I know you can do it.

      The problem would be if they have DRM. In case they do then they might not work without removing the drm.

      As for the time it takes to do this it depends on the library size, your PC speed and if you want to convert those books or not, with out converting format it shouldn't take more than an hour to transfer those files from one device to another one without converting using your average PC and with a library of a few thousand books.

      You can use Caliber to convert your files or Hamster too:

      I prefers Hamster.

    • Stacey S

      You will be able to import them into iTunes, but due to Sony DRM's, you will not be able to share any books purchased at the Readerstore, I was so disappointed when I discovered I was unable to share my library with my other devices. I now purchase exclusively from Kobobooks, they allow sharing with any device linked to your computer.

  • Gustavo Ibarguengoytia

    If you still have the ebooks in your computer you should be able to transfer them to your iPad using iTunes. If you have any formating problems you can try to use Calibre ( to change the format into something appropriate for the iPad.

    If you don't have the books in you computer anymore, you will have to copy them from your Sony eReader to your computer and then into your iPad. I think Calibre can help you with that too, and I do think that the Sony eReader has the option to be browsed through a file manager, like Windows Explorer, so you can do it manually instead of a certain software.

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