How can I transfer all the pictures from my iPhone to my computer in one step?
Question by Carly /
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Is there a way to transfer all my pictures from my iPhone to my computer without having to individually email them to myself or upload them to Facebook? I have almost 900 pictures and I want to move them all together and then delete them from my phone.

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Answers (43)
  • Elise1606

    when i click on iphone and it appear internal storage.. so wat am i going to do next

  • cedomir

    kako da sa htc toucha 2 skinem slike na pc molim ako mozete odma da odgovorite...koji program da skinem...hvala

  • Hannah

    How do I view my DCIM on my Ipod so I can put stuff on it

  • X_summer_love_2011

    i have set up my iphone to i tunes and my computer i have lots of different files in my phone for the pictures which i did not set up my phone did this automatically i can get all my pictures off the camera roll folder but non from the other folders and i have over 500 :(  and cant find them when i go in to itunes or when i plug my phone in either.. please any one help as i am selling my phone!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Mchugh

    if your using mac go to iphoto open your iphone and click import all simples

  • Hannah Gus

    Thank you so much! I have been struggling with this for a long time and finally an answer! So so appreciated! 

  • Kim

    i am very confused i have synced and updated my iphone to the computer and have lost all my photos off my iphone and cant find them anywhere on my computer!!! not  happy have lost photos and videos of my grandson that i CANT GET BACK.. any suggestions ?

    • Tina


      I noticed that your question was not answered, even after 5 days. If you're still looking for a solution, I recommend you ask a new question here. It will be posted on the front page of MakeUseOf Answers, where it will be seen by a lot more people than within this comment thread.

  • Kyle Porcher

    If anyone wants to pull photos from their iPhone to a MAC, go to your 'Applications' folder, then double click on 'Image Capture.' If your phone is connected to the computer you will see all of the photos on your phone. At this point you can select to Import some of your pictures or all of them.

    • Angiesparadise2003

      Thanks Kyle. That was my question but everyone was assuming transfer to a windows computer. I have only Apple products but still dnt knw half of what they can do. I hve over 900 pics that I want to transfer from my IPhone to my Mac.. Can't figure out how. But I will try what you suggest hopefully it works!

    • Tina


      did you try Kyle's suggestion and did it work? Please let us know. Thank you!

    • Arghhh!!

      Thank you Kyle!
      FINALLY! - a straight fwd answer on how to pull images from the damn phone.  I love everything apple but I don't get why anything related to photos 'requires one to take a class'.  Any other photo app *(except for Adobes, they're part of that lets make it difficult for anyone to install their apps and begin using immediately)allows a user to install and use out of the box. Install; go the folder where the image is stored; tweak the image and save it; DONE! Try that with iPhoto or Aperture out the box. I don't get it!! everything else is straight forward why not the photo apps??Anyways sorry for the rant - Thank you Kyle for providing a straight forward answer.Yes it worked!

    • Debbie

      Thank you so much.  This was exactly what I needed.  MAC's are so much easier than PC's.  You can tell by looking at your instructions how simple it is to use a MAC!  Thanks again!

    • Victor1344

      Thanks Kyle!! I was able to transfer my iPhone pictures to my new Mac Air in a blink...

    • La_gueraukiah

      What If it's iPhone3 to a pc not a Mac?

    • Cyrus Carter

      Thank you Kyle.  I am surprised this is not obvious on an Apple product.  It took me a bit of searching to find your helpful post.

    • Jay

      Pls can you help me with something. I see your post is from a long time ago but its the only one that made sense to me.

      Can I do the same thing you mentioned with an iPod?

    • David carroll

      How do you get all your pictures from your iPhone to you Windows computer

  • Leclare Lawson

    My iPhone is linked to another iTunes which belongs to an ex boyfriend of mine. When I synced it on his computer I pulled pictures from his laptop (Mac) and put them on the iPhone. It created a photo library and I have over 300 pictures of my daughter. I can't sync the iPhone with my current boyfriend's laptop (windows) and iTunes because it will erase all the pictures. The photo library doesn't show up on the hard drive and I would like to get those pictures off my iPhone. How can I get the photo library photos on this laptop without syncing it to the iTunes.

    • Tina


      hardly anyone is going to see your question here. If you do not receive a response, feel free to re-post your question by clicking the 'Ask a Question' button in the top left of MakeUseOf Answers.

    • Keith Barrett

      I'm having a similar problem. Had this question been asked somewhere else and answered?

  • mmccoy20

    Thanks Carly I think that was what I needed also

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