How can I transfer photos from my Samsung Galaxy Ace to my laptop?
Question by Zulkodor Ali /
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I can’t transfer my photos from my Samsung Galaxy Ace to my laptop. When using USB connection, it is asking me to insert a disk. I don’t have the disk. Please advise!

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Answers (19)
  • voni

    I am having same problem, I was surprised that a phone as popular as samsung would actually not come with the software either built into the phone itself or at the very least on a separate disk. Why should I pay all this money for a new phone then have to detach my memory card, fiddle with a SD case just to get my photos when every other phone has a simple usb attachment. Oh yes it does come with USB attachment but no driver (go figure!) and when my pc searches on line for a driver, guess what?? yes non available. I now have to find a suitable program to drop and drag somehow.

    Samsung have made a simple process extremely difficult. I would not advise anyone to buy samsug Galaxy Ace until they rectify this omission.

  • jack

    Same as question # 1

  • Karen Price

    1. Connect the Phone to your laptop
    2. From your phone, open the notifications bar and select the USB Connected option and you will get a screen saying Turn on USB Storage... Click on that and press ok in the pop up.. and when you see your android guy turn orange, you can find your phone in the Computer window..

    • Cheryl Devall

      Somple and easy. Thank you so much....Ive been reading 'much too complicated' instructions all morning. Problem resolved, Many thanks. Cheryl

  • Sareer khan

    I have connected my Samsung Galaxy Ace to my desktop computer and it just charges and i can't transfer anything from or to my cell phone?Please give e an answer?

    • Tina


      Have you installed sync software? Usually for Samsung this is KIES. You might want to post a new question in case you haven't resolved the issue, yet. Thank you!

  • Jill Sweet

    I am unable to download my photos from my samsung ace onto my laptop?It tells me to download a disc which I do not have! How do I do this please ?

    • Tina


      Have you figured out how to do this in the meantime? No idea what disc it might refer to. Usually Samsung requires KIES (software) to sync data from phone to PC and vice versa.

      In case you are still looking for a solution, I recommend posting a new question. Please include the exact error message. Thank you and good luck!

    • rich

      Tina, I am having the same problem, I have tried to download the pc suite but that did not work as it could not find any files. Then when I try looking at the portable devise it tells me to insert a disk.

    • Tina


      Same advice as for Jill. If you are still looking for a solution and none of the above work, please post a new question.

      If I had the answer, I would have posted it here before. Sadly, I don't have it and apparently no one who knows the solution has seen this Q. Years of experience with Answers have taught me that you have more chances to run into the person with the solution if you post a new Q.

  • eazye50

    I do mine through bluetooth.Buy a bluetooth dongle from your local pound shop,insert it in your laptop ,turn on the aces bluetooth,sync it with your laptop then go to your gallery on the ace,select a picture then press the bottom left hand menu button,press share then bluetooth and it will connect with your laptop then press mines called user pc and hey presto its sent.Mine go into documents on vista but you create your own file in pictures and drag and drop from documents.You can also do it from laptop to ace,select picture,rigt cick ,send via bluetooth,it will connect to your ace then accept.Go into my files it will be there then create your own file and move it to there.Hope this helps. eazy e 50.

  • Juthika Solanki

    You need to download Samsung Kies and install it on your laptop. It is the pc suite for the ace you can download it from this link.

    • Dipan SAhu

      Hi, I am using SAMSUNG Ace plus, but i m facing the problem when connection to laptop, through USB. its charging but i could not able to access the files and photos stored in mobile. its asking me to insert a disk when i click the removable disk icon in 'my computer'. even I tried Kie but its only through wifi, Its really frustrating and in the name of smart phone, its paralyzing simplicity to do the things.

  • Dalsan

    You can try to install the drivers from the links given in this thread. You may need to login to XDA to download, though.

    • Dalsan

      Although the drivers are in the Samsung Kies or PC Suite, sometimes they do not install properly, thus the need to install the drivers separately. Many others have had the same problems, especially on Windows 7 computers and found installing these drivers to help. Other people do not want the extra software and would rather just drag and drop, in which using these drivers need to be installed.

  • Kannon Y

    What kind of software are you using to transfer photos? Normally I would advocate using Dropbox as a means of syncing photos across devices, but most most people I know use Picasa, because it automates maintenance by deleting photos once they've been copied to your hard drive.

    In case you don't know what Susendeep is talking about, you can download Kies here:

  • Susendeep Dutta

    This usually happens if there's drive reserved by other device that your phone is trying to use it.One way to mitigate this problem is to install Samsung Kies and while connecting your phone to laptop,keep it open and carry out file transfer as you wish.

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