How can I transfer photos from iPad to PC?
Question by Larry /

I have loaded photos from an SD card to my iPad. How do I transfer them to my PC? I just synced my iPad to my PC and do not find the pictures on my PC.

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Answers (7)
  • Anonymous

    Attach your ipad to your computer. Itunes should launch. When it
    comes up click on your ipad icon in the left column. When you do it will show a
    picture of it, There will be tabs like photos, click on it. There you will
    have the options of how to handle your photos. You can click on sync all or
    select only specific folders. At this point it’s your choice.  I suggest try a folder, If
    you pic a folder with sub folders, each sub folder will be brought in as an
    individual stack or folder. Click on
    apply after you choose the folders you want. Those folders will be synced to
    your ipad and installed there on your next sync and will keep those photos on
    your ipad as long as you have them checked here. You can uncheck them at any
    time,  note that the pictures will be optimized for the ipad as they are
    loaded and it can take a little while depending upon the speed….

  • Jay

    what happend whtn you synced?
    read this :

  • Jay

    if you still have that sd card,
    you can connect it to your pc with a card reader and transfer data.

    • Larry

      I have edited the photo’s on the iPad and want to transfer directly from the iPad to the PC! 

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