How can I transfer music files from my PC to my mobile phone?
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How can I transfer music files my PC to my mobile phone?

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Answers (16)
  • rufus turntime

    I ‘m kinda old school but I’ve a smart phone and can’t download music to it, how can I learn these thing on line

  • preet arora

    how to send music to black berry !
    i mean there are only three options : media sync , usb drive , n charge only :O
    please help !

  • preet arora

    how to send music to black berry !
    i mean there are only three options : media sync , usb drive , n charge only :O
    please help !

  • idrees

    How to download music files from pc to mobile for HTC wildfire s model. Pls help me out.


  • Basudev Padhan

    Hoe can I transfer mp3 songs from my PC to Mobile without any external drive ?

  • Andy

    I wan to know hw to transfer music from pc to phone

  • John Smith

    If your phone has Bluetooth as long as you computer, then you can use it to directly transfer mp3 songs.Well, USB cable is useless in this method.

  • Joel Lee

    There are a few ways you can transfer music files (or files in general) from your computer to your phone.

    USB Transfer: If your phone has a USB or miniUSB port, you can use the corresponding cable (USB cable or USB-to-miniUSB cable) to hook it up straight into your computer. Your phone should show up as a storage device (similar to an external drive or flash drive) and you can move files to it.

    Memory Transfer: If your phone has a memory card slot, such as an SD card, and if your computer can read said memory card, then you can simply put the files on the memory card and transfer it straight to your phone. Easy!

    Bluetooth Transfer: If both your computer and phone have Bluetooth capabilities, you can use that to transfer files wirelessly.

    Dropbox: If you can’t find a way to connect your computer to your phone, you can always upload your files from your computer to Dropbox, and then use your phone to download those files off of Dropbox. Note: This is only advised if you have a data plan, as you will rack up a lot of overage charges by downloading files.

  • Anonymous

    connect with USB cable and drag/drop music files or if your mobile phone supports memeory card then drag/drop music files there and insert memory card to mobile. Which phone you have?

    • Anto

      Sony Ericsson W100i,SPIRO
      It doesnt support through data cable!

    • ha14

      1) Connect the USB cable from PC to phone.
      2) On phone select mass storage mode.
      3) Wait a few seconds and a removable disk should appear on your computer, most likely named PHONE CARD.
      4) Now you can drag and drop or copy/paste your music files from the computer to the music folder on the memory card.

      Media Go

      you can try bluetooth transfer perhaps,

    • Adrianna Staal

      how do i drop and drag the files to the memory card

    • Adrianna Staal

      Thank you I figured it out and that quite easy for being my first time

    • Anto

      Sony Ericsson W100i,SPIRO

    • Adrianna Staal

      I have a samsong galixsey prevail

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