How can I transfer movies from an external drive to my iTunes library?
Question by Roy Silber /

How can I move my movies collection from an external hard disk to the iTunes library?

I want to see them on my television via Apple TV.

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Answers (18)
  • julio C

    How do I download my utorrent downloaded movies from my external hard drive to my cd dvd burner?

  • julio C

    How do I download my utorrent downloaded movies from my external harddrive to my cd/dvd burner?

  • Anonymous

    If you add the contents of the external hard drive to your iTunes library on your Mac or PC, you will be able to stream content from the iTunes library to the 2010 Apple TV. This will require you to have the Airport Extreme and external hard drive powered on, with iTunes running on your Mac or PC, in order to share content.In a nutshell, you won’t be able to stream video directly from the hard drive, but by adding the content to iTunes with Home Sharing, it is possible.


    Hello, you could try the work around described in following link:

  • Chris Hoffman

    Try clicking the File menu and selecting Add Folder to Library. You can add the external hard disk to your iTunes library, so it’ll appear on your Apple TV.

    It’ll only appear on your Apple TV if the external hard disk is plugged in, unless you use the Consolidate Files option — this creates new copies of your media files in your iTunes Library folder and leaves the files on your external hard drive alone.

    Click File, point to Library and select Organize Library. You’ll find the Consolidate Files option there.

    • Silber Roy

      thank you for your quick answer.
      I find the Consolidate Files option but the iTunes doesn’t saving the option…..
      what should i do?

    • Chris Hoffman

      I’m sorry, what do you mean it isn’t saving?

      If you click OK after selecting the option, iTunes should copy all your files over. This will happen one time, but it’ll get your library in order.

    • Silber Roy

      sorry but its not happening….
      i mark the box ‘Consolidate Files’ in iTunes but after i look at it the mark doest pappear and the movies still in my hard disk

    • Chris Hoffman

      Well, you can still do it the manual way.

      Open the Computer window from the Start menu, double-click your removable hard drive and find the video files, Select them all, right-click ‘em and click Copy.

      Then, go browse to the Automatically Add to iTunes folder in your iTunes Media folder (at C:UsersChrisMusiciTunesiTunes MediaAutomatically Add to iTunes for me) and paste the video files into there.

    • Silber Roy

      again, and please slowly:)
      I have I-Mac

    • Chris Hoffman

      Oh, sorry, you didn’t mention!

      You can probably just click File-Add to Library and use the “Copy files to the iTunes Music folder when adding to library” option.

      Apple has more information here:

    • Silber Roy

      for some reason after i mark this option in my iTunes library option, it disappears…..
      do i need to go through each movie and convert it to MP4 and only afterwards to move it to iTunes movie library?

    • Chris Hoffman

      I’m sorry, I’m not sure what the problem could be.

      You shouldn’t have to convert your files to MP4, as long as they already play in iTunes.

    • Silber Roy

      maybe this is the problem??!!
      the files are not played in iTunes….

    • Chris Hoffman

      Ah, well, you probably need to convert them then!

      Give Handbrake a try:

    • Silber Roy

      thank you very much!

    • Silber Roy

      Its mean that I have to go and convert file by file?

    • Chris Hoffman

      Perhaps — I haven’t used Handbrake much, but I’d heard it’s one of the best programs. Feel free to ask another question about using Handbrake; maybe you’ll get people who can help more.

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