How do I transfer files to and from my laptop via Bluetooth?
Question by Kathireson Veeran /
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I amm using an Acer Aspire One AO756-877B1ss (Silver). I can not send any files from this laptop to my HP or receive files from my HP to this laptop. When I check the spec of this laptop, it states that it has Bluetooth 4.0+HS. So how do I activate it and use it?

Thanks in advance, I really need help here it’s still a new laptop I just bought middle of this year.

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Answers (19)
  • pawan shukla

    Activate your bluetooth by checking your keyboard for Bluetooth or Wifi.Press it. Generally both have same key. If that doesnot work press them along with Function Key “Fn”. Ensure that the receiving device has set to be discoverable.
    Check the box “”Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer”" In Options Tab of Bluetooth Settings..

    If you didn’t install the drivers dont forget to install the drivers of bluetooth(you can find them on official website or with the CD given along with the laptop)and restart the computer and follow the link given by Aditya Roy

  • Tebawiha Lelhchhun

    It depends on your laptop.If your laptop has a built in bluetooth it can.But if it doesn't has in it buy a bluetooth DONGLE(adapter).And install the driver.

  • Vel Acosta

    you cannot send or receive files from phone coz bluetooth isn't supported in any version of windows, you can pair it but still cannot send or receive

  • Chris Gail

    It depends whether laptop has built in bluetooth or not. If not then you have to purchase a usb bluetooth dongle.

    If the laptop has bluetooth functionality then go to comman prompt & run fsquirt.exe
    You will get the window to send & receive files via bluetooth...

    Best regards...

  • Kernel Recovery Tools

    This problem occurs when the bluetooth drivers are not updated. You need update bluetooth drivers of both the laptops which you are using. Also you try with mobile transfer as well if it works with mobile. Then you can come decide the main problem of the device.

  • IamAshMcLean

    First a Bluetooth Dongle, then a Software in which can transfer files. Some phones have the option of transfer, other have the option, to only put music into speakers.

    Or if u have already one, uninstall it from device manager, and re-install it, reconnecting it.

  • Vijaynand Mishra

    install a driver and create a FTP link for bluetooth

  • Erlis Dhima

    Try to update your driver via Device Manager! And if it doesn't work, uninstall the driver, and reinstall it again! Hope it works!

    • Kathireson

      Hi thr...regarding bout uninstall...u wan me to uninstall the generic bluetooth adapter or microsoft bluetooth enumerator...?and hw to install them bak?thx

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    first of all, if you want to transfer larger files, please don't use the Bluetooth technology. it's slow and will take ages to transfer data. if you are trying to back up/restore your contacts/SMS via BT, then it's ok.

    step 1 : try to identify whether you have BT device nd the drivers are installed.
    step 2 : go to the BT control software and pair the devices which you need to transfer files.
    Step 3 : either transfer the files from your mobile to the PC or, send files by selecting sent to -> BT device.

    additionally : if you are trying to send SMS/Contacts you need the mobile device PC suite or a compatible mobile data management software installed in you pc..

    Happy transferring. :)

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