Why can’t I transfer data from my XBox to my computer using my flash drive?
Question by Sean /

I’m trying to transfer data from my XBox 360 to my computer on a flash drive, but I have a problem.

The data is there when it’s in my XBox, but when it’s in my computer it tells me that the flash drive is empty. Does the type of flash drive matter? Because it worked before on a different one.

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Answers (2)

    Hello, I would try the following:

    — format drive with fat32 in your computer
    — check in disk management/computer/my computer that drive is recognized and shows a letter
    — connect drive to xbox, and copy/transfer files to it
    — Once finished copying, unplug the drive from xbox
    — connect drive to usb port in your computer
    — check to see if any of the files you copied show

    Let us know what hapens 

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