How do I transfer or backup or restore iPhone app data?

Mindie June 17, 2011
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My iTunes library that I sync my iPhone with got hosed a while back. The file still works, but the way it’s pointing to music files and all the nested folders that have appeared are obnoxious enough that I created a new library file when we got our iPad a couple months back.

Long story short, I have my iPhone that syncs to a library file I want to stop using on an external drive, and I have my iPad that syncs to a new library file I want to keep on the Time Machine. I’ve given up on transferring all the music-related metadata (ratings, play counts, last played dates, etc), so don’t worry about that. In the new library, I have all of the apps that are on my phone along with all my music. That part was easy.

What I am concerned about is all of the DATA assocatied with the apps on my phone. For example, RoadTrip has a complete log of every fuel fill-up I’ve made in my car for the past couple years, Clinks has all of the data about the wine I’ve tasted, and heaven forbid if I lose my progress in Angry Birds. Stuff like that.

I assume that if/when I sync my phone to the new library file, all of that associated data will be lost because the only thing that library knows about is the applications themselves.

I know there’s a backup associated with my old library that my phone is still syncing to. How exactly do I get the data for my apps over to the new library?

And, finally, what about things like contacts and photos and notes in the basic/default Apple iPhone apps? Is there anything special I need to do to maintain them?

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