How can I transfer an Android app from my PC to my phone without WiFi?
Question by Akshay /
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is there a way I could transfer an Android app to phone via my computer without wifi?

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Answers (31)
  • Rananaveedkml

    can we transfer file from mobile to android 2.2 or from android to mobile.......?
    like bluetooth..........?

    please text me +92-336-5435983

  • Pbsingh29

    sir i want to know about that how can i download apps from the android market to my mts mtag mobile sir this is a android 2.2 mobile phone by connecting it to my laptop by my netconnect modem.sir i do this yesterday but the apps are downloaded in my mobile and my balance detect but the apss are not downloaded by my netconnect modem.sir when i connect my mobile to laptop and sign in with my android market gmail id it send the apps to my phone and it is downloaded from my phone balance.sir please tell me a way how i download apps.

  • androidfreak

    Yes, even if u have ur mobile switched off (also even without sim card) just keep ur pc's wifi on and u can install the app by logging into android market with ur google account of ur android phone. !! its completely working!

  • Genella

    my phone is an xperia x10 mini pro, i can access to android market through my web searcher and through our computer, but whenever i try to install an app, it' just says i'tll be installed to ur fon right away.. no apps installed . please help me. 
    thanks in advance :D

  • Anonymous

    although some applications will say successful they cant be obtained from  the pc browser.

    Check where you download them

  • Anonymous

    nice links alternative to android market.

  • Giraffe

    I love how everyone missed the original question.  She is asking...  If she goes to the Android market on her computer and the App says it can only be downloaded on her phone via WiFi, but she doesn't have WiFi where she is.  Is it possible to download the app to her computer and then transfer it to her phone.  
    I have the same issue, but the only way I could transfer from computer to phone is USB.

    • Janejiah

      @99e8e2b3e3583371dc59e51623026d03:disqus  ya..thats wht seh's trying to tell... everyone else are blabbering different stuffs around here....

    • Anonymous

      quite right, more problems are when the actual apk can only be obtained directly from the browser in android.

  • Niel Armstrong

    Who are you Tina?  The post reply police.  Several questions now you keep saying post a new question.... post a new question, yet you lack to answer a question.  Go away.

    • Aibek

      Hey Neil,

      Tina is here to help you. We advice posting a problem as a new question so that it received more visibility by appearing on
      MakeUseOf Answers home page. That's a logcial thing to suggest when we don't have an answers to a problem.


  • Nshivapriyaa

    The same problem for me too.... have connected mobile to my laptop as storage device, then have downloaded apps from, and my account in android market shows download complete but no change in my mobile...  only when i connect to gprs the download starts in my mobile, i want to download without gprs in my mobile, how to do that?

    • Tina


      if you are still seeking for a solution, I recommend you to ask a new question. It will be posted on the MakeUseOf Answers front page and will receive a response within a few hours.

    • Spoilme2thecore

      I am having the same problem Nshivapriyaa.. Any solution.?

    • steve

      Can I possibly make a wifi connection threw mu phone if so

  • Vendetta201129

    if i download a paid app for free on my pc and email it to my phone, will i get charged?

    • Tina


      what kind of app is that? Does it cause service charges?
      To increase your chances for an answer, you should post a new question:

    • Vendetta201129

      you know how there are apps that charges you? well i know there are websites that you can download the app on your computer.  So since you can download from a website, i was asking if i could download an app from my computer and email it to my phone.  I have downloaded a few apps (that would normally charge you if you bought them at the droid market) on my computer and sent them to my email on my phone and installed them.  They work fine but i dont know if i was still charged for them and i really wanna know if i was charged or not.

    • Tina

      As I said above, please ask a new question. I don't know the answer!

      Or how about checking your bill. Shouldn't you be able to find out if you were charged?

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