How can I track my stolen laptop?
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My laptop was recently stolen. I would like to find where it is being used. How can I track it down?

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Answers (21)
  • Hitesh Gulati

    Anyhow Someone has stolen my office laptop, that can only be login through my official Id and password. I'm not aware about tracking software had been installed into my system or not. Bul let's suppose it had not been unstalled, in that case how can I track my laptop. I have rest all necessary details like model no., serial no......

    Please suggest.

  • dylan717

    Can microsoft use remote acess to track my laptop down? it was stolen a week ago. There ust be somtho.g icrosoft can do throigh remote access..

    • susendeep dutta

      For any remote connection,there must be agreement for communication between two sides.Since,your laptop is stolen,unless there are some tracking software installed like Prey,it's very difficult.

  • sugandha sood

    sir my laptop has been stolen can it be traced i have d mac adress pls rply back soon

  • zuhraa alamin

    iwant to know haw can iget my serial number laptop cause itwas stolen 20 days ago

  • audai alhyasat

    serial number of my laptop:68986k

  • Shian Shepherd

    My labtop was stolen by someone sunday.I have Mcafee security on it ,it will expire in eleven days..It is a acer aspire laptop with windows 7,hd and the last time i used it was on sunday in the day.

  • Ted

    I lost my laptop and had prey installed on it, but found no trace!!! A friend told me whoever took it could have formatted the harddrive and by doing so removed the spying program. Is he right?

    • Tina


      Was your user account password protected? If the person that stole your laptop could not log into any user account, then they probably had to format the hard drive to use the laptop in the first place.

      So yes, your friend is right. Prey only works if the person logs onto your account. If they remove the hard drive or format it, Prey is useless as it's removed.

    • LocoTech

      Just so you know it is not hard to wipe a computer with out the users account password there are also many ways to erase a users laptop if the computer dose not have a boot password installed then all they would have to do i insert a OS Cd in to the Computer and Format it with that !!! Not that hard i have had to do this with my moms be fore so i know know for sure it dose work :)

  • Chanel Ross

    my laptop is missing and is not anywhere around the house , it doesn t have any tracking device installed on it but is it possible to still find it cause my mum and dad are very angry and think i have taken it somewhere or lost it but it hasnt left the house. i really need it back.

    • Bruce Epper

      Based on your first statement ("not anywhere around the house"), I'd say you're screwed. But your later statement ("it hasnt left the house") would be your sliver of hope.

      If the second statement is true and the laptop is not completely off, you should still see it connected to your router. If you have another computer, you can just log into your router and verify that it can see the sleeping or hibernating laptop by viewing the MAC addresses of all connected computers. This would show that it is still within range of the router at least (a couple hundred feet).

      If Wake-On-LAN is enabled, you can make the laptop spin up (sometimes a simple ping will do it) and if it is in the same workgroup as the other machine you are using and remote control is enabled on the laptop, you should be able to start a remote control session (if the ping doesn't wake it up, this will) and start it playing a sound (make sure to set it to repeat endlessly). Then you can simply walk through the house tracking down the sound.

      If it has left the house and you don't have tracking software such as Prey installed on it, you are out of luck.

    • Serg

      My house was burglarized in April and I'm beginning to think it was the neighbors. My wife's laptop was a dell less than 2 months old with facial recognition. What can I do

  • Mapuii

    I keep my laptop in my bed.i went for duty.that time my window was open.when i came back.i stolyn my laptop.pliz help me to found my laptop.

  • Malik M. Sufyan

    my laptop has been stolen.i want to find it.any solution?

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