Why won’t the touchpad on my new ASUS laptop work?
Question by Avery Ollis /

Why won’t the touchpad on my new ASUS laptop work? I just got it. Any ideas?

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Answers (12)
  • Madi

    omg thank you so much FIDELIS I WAS FREAKING out :P i must of gone to mute my computer but pressed the wrong button…

  • sarah

    my asus transformer TF101 keypad broke. i just received a new one but the touchpad won’t work. how do i enable it. i’ve looked at the answers, but i don’t have a F9 button.
    please help!

  • Motaz Daoud

    Try using to click fn+f9 if it didnt work maybe u didnt installed the touch pad driver and good luck


    Hello, usually with laptops you have to use a function key to enable touchpad.   Depending on laptop’s brand it can be different.  For Asus it should be Fn+F9 at same time. 

  • Jay.0

    Sometimes touchpad does not work while charging.
    does it work, when it is not on ac power ?

  • Anonymous

    Start – Control Panel – Mouse – Device Settings
    Just find the tab that has the synaptics logo
    enable touchpad should if disabled

    try to download a new touchpad driver

    • Moob

      thank you anonymous, I could move the cursor but the tapping would not work, I had to go into the settings via the Control panel-Mouse- Device Settings and click the enable on the tapping. Wouldn’t have thought of it without your help

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