Why does my Toshiba laptop’s webcam suddenly stop working?
Question by Shya Rose /

I have an L675D-S7104 Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 which I’ve only had for approximately 6 months. I was using Skype when my Internet decided give up. When it came back and Skype resumed the call it wouldn’t let me turn my camera back on.

It said: “Cannot connect to camera, try closing all other applications that might be using it”

Do you have any tips?

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Answers (12)
  • nelson

    i web camera initialization fail.

  • Ashley weiberg

    start-type windows update in search and then update your updates and restart computer… scan your antivirus and also clean your computer with computer cleaner…
    this happens to me as well but it works after i do all these.

  • Bodi Hemanth

    restart your PC and try if not works update the drivers. after the driver update the problem is still stayed give a complaint your laptop company service center they will change the cam on your laptop.

  • Tom

    You might want to check if your webcam’s driver is out of date. A good tool to use is

    http://www.driverturbo.com/ or you can simply check the manufacturers website. However, the tool above allows you to see if your driver is corrupted or out of date.

  • Sumaiya

    reinstall the driver..it may be corrupted.

  • Nart Barileva

    A possible issue could be that the something is wrong with the driver. Go to your device manager and check your devices for anything relating to a webcam and right click, if it’s disabled, enable it and it should work. If not, click update driver and scan the internet for it and if that doesn’t work, click roll back driver.

  • Shya Rose

    It seems this site ate half my question. I’ve already updated all my drivers and it works after I reboot my computer, but it’s happening super frequently even when I’m not doing anything else on my computer.

  • ha14

    How to Find Program That Has Cam Opened

    open task manager and go to processes windows, start shutting down one process at each time while running skype and see which one cause your problem.

  • susendeep dutta

    If you still get this error while opening Skype,then download and install LockHunter –


    It’ll terminate all those programs holding your camera and this will be helpful resolving your issue.

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