Why does my Toshiba laptop only show a black screen and blinking cursor?
Question by Randy Gonzalez /
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When I turn on my Toshiba C655 laptop it goes to a black screen with blinking cursor at the top. Nothing further happens, is this fixable? Please help!

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Answers (23)
  • dave

    I have tried pressing zero key and power button, it has actually worked. thanks guys

  • Paula

    Hi Randy,

    I'm having the same problem and I can't find a solution.

    Did you find it?


  • laurence june

    hey guys am all screwed up!! Please do help me out..yesterday i worked on my laptop .. Got it cleaned with the colin mirrior washer .. before cleaning it with it it was working perfectly as i turned on the laptop after cleaning i saw small crack types in the corners .. Ignoring them i started working on computer and suddenly i closed it..on openeing it back i could see the black cover .. I cld hardly see a thing..please help me out..is there a way out for me?

  • andy

    Try plugging in an external monitor. It will use a basic video driver and you can get in and correct the video driver issue. If you still have the computer.

  • happy yodle

    its broken! just throw it away!

  • Anne Snow

    when I went to my Toshiba lap top the only icon illuminated was a plug in. I do not know what that means other than it is unplugged. I have checked all of the connections and they seem to be ok. So what is the problem and what can I do to log in

    • ha14

      do you see any windows desktop? or is just a black screen.

      Turn laptop on and hit the F12 (can be F10...) key repeatedly until the Advanced Boot Option Screen appears.
      Click "Repair Your Computer" from there see if you can use restore point to revert to earlier state where Windows was working fine.

    • supertoshi

      I went on it but it didnt give me that option i have. HDD. FDD. CD DVD. LAN. and USB

  • Dhiraj Gaurh

    Boot it. Hit F2 or F10 or DEL, hit all of them repeatedly, one of them will let you enter your BIOS. See if the BIOS recognizes an HDD currently on the system. See what is the boot order, put hard disk at the end and optical drive before it. Download knoppix or ubuntu Linux live CD, it would have the option to check RAM. If RAM is fine, boot into knoppix, if everything works fine now, then you can use the toshiba cd to reinstall OS. If knoppix runs into problems it could or could not mean there is a graphics issue. If knoppix worked fine but u can't reinstall windows it is a hard disk problem. If you failed at the first step and didn't even see BIOS then replace your RAM ( a guess but I think that is most likely ). BTW, u can also check the manual to find out the BIOS key

  • Chimezie


    first try removing your battery and booting with teh power cable only

    if this doesnt work then try...

    Try removing your hard drive from your laptop and attempt a boot. if you get an error implying no hard drive detected, you might need a new HDD.

    • Andy

      this method works for the case i encountered..
      the notebook is not displaying anything others than black screen.
      tried ha14's suggestion to remove the battery and booting with just the power cable, notebook's booting as normal.. thanks


    Hello, have you checked if there is a CD/DVD in your CD/DVD tray?

  • ha14

    perhaps video card driver problem?
    remove the battery and power, wait for few minutes, add tthe battery and power laptop.

    • Ramdygonzalez247

      Nope, didn't help...thks anyway

    • ha14

      on the black scree, try Ctrl + Shift + Esc? Does Task Manager appear?
      if yes then under process look for explorer.exe
      if there is one terminate
      then go to File then choose New Task (Run..)
      Type explorer.exe

    • Randygonzalez247

      nothing works when trying Ctrl+Shift+Esc  thanks anyway!

    • ha14

      It sounds like you either don't have an operating system or the BIOS cannot find the operating system.

      can you boot to safe mode and delete the video card driver? also perhaps to go to bios and check if the boot option is on hour hard drive having windows.

      read this it can help

      boot into recovery mode and open cmd window

      X:sources>diskpart {enter}

      DISKPART> sel disk 0 {enter}

      Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

      DISKPART> list par {enter}

      Partition ### Type Size Offset
      ------------- ---------------- ------- -------
      Partition 1 Primary
      Partition 2 Primary
      Partition 0 Extended
      Partition 4 Logical

      DISKPART> sel par 2 {enter} if it is windows

      Partition 2 is now the selected partition.

      DISKPART> active {enter}

      DISKPART>exit {enter}

    • Smayonak

      I've seen something similar before - caused by some kind of corruption of the bootloader. But the website you linked to sounds very much like the problem.

      Would it be worth it to see if Windows 7's recovery console can fix the issue? Or is the problem more likely to originate with the video driver? What about using recovery console to roll the driver back?

    • ha14

      Hi Smayonak
      the symptom can have different cause, if you have a fresh restore point then using it can solve the problem easily.

    • laurence

      i have a black screen appearing on my toshiba laptop... What do i do..? All the sounds are coming out from it,.tried the battery out and in method cldnt work.. Fix it please:(

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