Why does Thunderbird switch fonts and how can I stop it?
Question by Chuck Strauss /
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Invariably as I type text in the latest Thunderbird, the font changes to “variable width” from the default (Book antiqua). I asked T-bird forums and no one seems to know how to prevent.

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Answers (10)
  • Cesare D La Padula

    As I type text in the latest Thunderbird, the font changes to “variable width” from the default I've chosen.
    I think that Thunderbird programmers should make an effort to correct this disagreeable; unpleasant bug!

  • Cesare D La Padula

    why Thunderbird changes font during typing?

  • mark

    Use this extension:
    Then, Write-Tools-QuoteAndComposeManager-Options-Fonts.
    Enable "Stabilize predefined font (Calibri)"

  • PeterG

    I finally just found a solution, in an add-on I already had. :-)
    Install Quote and Compose Manager. Go to the Fonts tab and tick the Stabilize option.
    Now when I select bullets or paste in images, it does not switch to Variable Width.

    • Cmb1013

      THANK YOU PeterG for you help.  It worked like a charm!  [for anyone else, I was having problems with bullets, new paragraphs, etc. changing to that stupid "variable width" font from the Calibri I was using.  Install this add-on, follow Mark's (below) directions to set the stabilized font]  Mozilla, WAKE UP AND READ SOME COMPLAINTS!!!!

  • Chuck Strauss

    Thanks, Saikat and Jack -- That link from Saikat was helpful, but way above my competence level. And, Jack, I am not talking about pasting text -- it happens mostly after I enter a period and/or press "Enter" to go to a new paragraph.. T'bird will type text to match any pasted text, yes, but the strange thing is when I am just typing an email, new or reply, the dear program switched font. I am just about ready to give up, so I changed the default font to "restore default" -- now lets see what happens. Anyone know how to revert to previous version of T'bird? Thanks, Chuck

    • Jack Cola

      As a last resort, you could always type your email up in notepad, then copy it across.

      As with going from Thunderbird 3 to 2, I did that because I didn't like 3, plus Lightning (a calendar extension didn't work). Just make a backup of your email profiles (can be found in account settings for your mailbox), uninstall 3, re-install 2.

      It wasn't a complex downgrade, but it wasn't the easiest either.

    • Aibek

      Regarding getting the older version of Thunderbird, see 10 Websites To Download Older Versions Of Software.

  • Jack Cola

    I'm not sure of the exact steps, but look in the settings for writing and composition for any font settings. Also make sure that you are not copying text in as if Thunderbird will automatically continue typing text as that font.

    Or you can turn HTML off so you just send your emails in plain text.

  • Saikat Basu

    Hi Chuck, I don't have a direct solution to your problem. I dug around in Google and came up with this post where this guy was having font issues with his emails in Thunderbird. Maybe, it can give you some hints.

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