How can I tether my phone to an Android tablet?
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Is there any way to tether to an Android tablet? I’ve rooted my phone and tried several different WiFi apps, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone figured out how to do this yet?

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Answers (24)
  • ve7bbd

    try easy theather it  works  install program on  phone and  tablet  then  use  usb  cable  to  link  the  two  it  works  for  me

  • Noypialaghetto

    Foxfi apps works fine

  • Dcs049

    I have a Vizio Tablet I wanted to tether it with my verizon andro
    id phone for wifi can i do that

    • Coachadamgall

      I have galaxy tablet and droid razr. Used bluetooth on phone clicked the teather option in bluetooth and it works great with no additional apps.

  • Jseko89

    I have the lg optimus and the cruz velocity tablet. How do i move my music from one to the other?

  • Kiko28la

    Wow it work from lg esteem xoom set setup method to softap and change the device to any lg

  • Sgfx69

    I just B-tooth my xoom tablet to my Droid x and presto tablet has access to internet thru phone... no additional apps needed..

    • David-Droid

      I have precisely the same equipment (Xoom and Droid) and I've tried using PDANet to connect and doesn't work. I get the indication that the Xoom is connected and receiving internet but none of the internet apps on the Xoom connect. Just going directly from the Droid to the Xoom works? I'll have to try that! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    i have a toshiba android tablet cant and wont se my iphone hotspot, can anybody help me on this

  • Mmaskarinec

    i have the samsung epic and the Asus TF and i was using the pda-net tablet for a while but it would randomly shut off. it actually wasnt that bad for a beta program, but still a bit slow and annoying. after my second update to my transformer i now just use wireless teather for root users and it picks it up just fine, even my 4G

    • Tina


      the above question is a week old and has long left the Answers front page. Moreover, your hardware is different. In other words, you are unlikely to receive a reply in this comment thread. You will increase your chances to find a solution by asking a new question.

  • Llhill929

    I figured it out. Thanks. I had to root my Samsung Fascinate and then I got the latest version of wifi tether and I had to change a few settings so it wasn't doing that ad-hoc stuff. It works great. The only trouble I have is that my phone will randomly shut off and reboot and if the wifi tether won't connect I have to reboot my phone and then it will work. I can live with that :)

  • Dennis

    HTC evo using wireless tether works great on my Asus transformer.

    • Jessica Cam Wong

      I have the same phone so could you please elaborate? Do you have "USB tethering" or "Sprint Hotspot" checked in the Wireless settings?


    • Llhill929

      In the settings for WiFi Tether set device profile to Samsung Fascinate; set the set-up method to softtap for Samsung and change the channel to 6. You will need to reboot your phone after you chsne tne settings. Hope tnst helps! Sorry it took so long to reply. I don't check this post everydsy. Good luck!

    • Jessica Cam W.

      No worries! Thanks for the followup! I'll post back here if it works on my Archos 101.

    • Vincenzo Lava P

      what app did u use? and how did u set it up?

    • Thayrax

      How u did it ??????

    • Drewsnoni2010

      I have an asus also can you please tell me what app you are using on your phone to tether...Thank you

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