What is the best tablet currently on the market?
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What is the best tablet out there? Is the iPad all it’s cracked up to be?

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Answers (54)
  • Shoota

    I think he has sand in his vagina. But that's what you can expect from a closed minded apple lover who is too scared to venture outdoors and dip his toes in the water of another product in case he falls in and cant swim. Plus he has two first names the poor kid! I would be pissed off too! haha.

    • James Bruce

      Two first names? I was under the impression one was a surname. But I could be wrong.

  • joe mar

    James Bruce has some points and the others but James is hilarious. Very Negative... I wonder why he is like that... I was reading the thread to keep me posted about what is best tablet out there, just to find out that this thread is kinda entertaining.... it's like a movie that I got watch all the parts so that I will know how it ends LMAO.... peace out james... :)))

  • Perfectluv7

    I have an Iphone and love it but to be honest the iphone, the ipod, and the ipad are basically the same thing. I have had the chance to play around with themall both and to me the Ipad is just a bigger version of the Iphone and the Ipod. I wanted an Ipad but after playing with it I realized it was just like playing with my Iphone.

  • asjoyce

    I am just looking for a tablet for my 7 year old daughter. I want her to be able to play games from the internet,take pictures and watch movies.

  • Neidu

    We went through 2 Android tablets at work trying to get a Skype video chat going.  The first was a ViewSonic, Second was a Samsung Galaxy S(i think)... the 7 inch version.  While they both downloaded/installed Skype no problem, Skype didn't support video on the ViewSonic, which is why we tried the Samsung.  The samsung while having the little button for "make video call" after installing Skype, the screen went black as soon as the other end answered the call.  So ended up sending it back also.  I guess you can say I'm lazy for not reading about Skype and the ViewSonic, but a second fail with the Samsung kinda put a bad taste in my mouth for Android.  Both seemed pretty slick playing around before sending them back, but the big QUESTION of "will this work for my Android" when wanting to do someting specific just isn't acceptable for me.  IMO if the app is out there for me to download it, it should work without having to reasearch the crap out of it... like I said, call me lazy if you want.  Went with the Ipad2 last week for the house, pretty neat little toy.  I just use it for casual browsing, email, skype.  I don't feel like I need to research as much before getting an app.... anyway.

  • Proballa27

    you have to know what you want. honestly you can't go wrong with ipad, because that is the original product all other tablets try to emulate the qualities of. until something comes along that is outrageously better than an ipad, i would stick to apple. if the lack of flash support gets to you tho, just pick up a high end android tablet.

  • Nick S.

    I bought an Ipad a couple of weeks ago and sold it because it didn't have flash player. With the Ipad I felt that I was limited in what I wanted to do.  I just hated it.  I'm now in the market for an android tablet.

  • Papaboyd04


    • Tina


      please turn your caps lock off, it's very rude to type in all upper case.

      I recommend to look into netbooks or low end laptops for around $250 - 400. They are considerably cheaper than a tablet and are much better for writing anything, since they come with a hardware keyboard. A netbook is also a more proper replacement for a computer than a tablet as it can essentially do everything a computer can do.

      If you don't mind a touchscreen keyboard, if you love touch screen in general, and don't mind spending a little more, then a tablet might still be the right choice. Remember that tablets can only handle apps, you can't really install full fledged programs like you can on a computer.

  • Paradise1970

    I've been reading some of the comments here and it seems that everyone is busy trying to convince one another of their favorite. The fact is that people are all different and everybody need to understand that there can never be one universal winner due to the fact that we all have different needs and likes. Technology is also changing so fast that just as we deem one product superior another company tries to make something even better. That's what it's all about. When I went shopping for a tablet, I was amzed at some of the features the Ipad1 offered and dissappointed with features it lacked like no USB port and no flash. No flash? But a few months went by and then I looked at the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and realized it looked even better than the Ipad considered the very cool physical keyboard holder. But inevitably I decided they all sucked for me because I like to travel with 500 films on board and need to type sometimes in heavy light which was only availble from a laptop. So I decided to buy a Lenovo Idea Pad Netbook Tablet with 180 degree swivel screen because it did everything that my laptop did and much more than any tablet on the market. But let's all remember that my favorite isn't your favorite and perhaps you like the sex appeal of Apple's design or the smart features of an HP or the processing speed and ergonims of Toshiba or you are just loyal to Motorola, none of our favorites would be possible without comptition. So I wanna' thank Apple for making something so popular, thank Bill Gates for making XP and improving windows 7. open Office for their price, Linux for their wisdom etc. etc. Let's just all appreciate the fantastic features in all these products and keep spreading them to everyone all over the world. Because the fact is that more than 99% of people on this planet still don't even own a laptop let alone a tablet.  

    • Ke7osq

      Okay, now that things have cooled off I can come out of the closet. I love my delis incredible and my iPad. I use my iPad every day for work. I even remote desktop to my Windows7 laptop so I can update things that use only the IE explorer. I am not loyal to ANY brand but this set up works great for me and my job. I am in medical sales, use these items to show brochures, email, edit documents and update sales calls. When something better for me comes along if I have the money I will look into it no matter the platform. For me, my iPad2 works great, easy and always! I will be excited for the new IOS 5 to come out. For the record I use FB Browser on my iPad2, as it runs flash and is a better browser than the slooooowww out dated Safari. Thanks and long live competition as that way we all win!

    • Ke7osq

      Sorry I did not do spell check it appears, or proof read, or......I meant Droid Incredible not delis incredible....

  • Norflix

    I was thinking to find some good tips here but this place looks like a giant battlefield IPAD vs the rest of the world, lmao... By the way Apple imports screen components from Samsung... I guess will just go to store and check IPAD2 and Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Though from specs I see that Galaxy is far to advanced than IPAD2 (at least in points that are important for me). No need to reply as I am not coming back....
    Thanks and carry on fighting!

    • Golfer25

      Right on Norflix...this thread was entertaining. That James Bruce is entertaining for sure!

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