Why does every tab in Firefox show as a new tab?
Question by Srinivas N /
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I have updated Firefox to the latest version but after the update every page now shows the “New Tab” page. My other browsers are working normal as ever, so what’s going on?

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Answers (23)
  • Patrick Jackson

    Reinstall the browser if the same thing happens even after you enter a url in the tabs.

  • Srinivas N

    Sorry for my poor judgement of title. My question is whatever url i type in the adress bar it simply shows new Tab (it doesnot load any pages)no matter i tried opening a folder of bookmarks or clicking bookmarks on bookmarks toolbar..I hope this makes question much clear..

    • Alan Wade

      Two things to try:
      First, start Firefox in safe mode (with no addons running) and see if a webpage loads.
      Second, create a new profile and then using that profile see if a webpage loads.
      Post back the results so that we can wind this one up.

    • Srinivas N

      I have reinstalled Firefox and restarted computer and problem has been solved..i should have tried your solution creating new profile might have worked..Thanx for the answer Alan Wade

  • Naveen Kumar

    go to tab and you can uncheck if you don't want to.

  • Harish Jonnalagadda

    Just uncheck the New Tab from the menu and it should load new links in the same tab

  • Alan Wade

    If you are referring to when you open a new tab it defaults to 'New Tab' page then open 'about:config' and search for this variable: browser.newtab.url
    Double click on it and set the value to what ever your homepage is.
    All new tabs will open on that page from now on.

    If its not what you mean then explain your problem a little better so that we can understand it and help you.

  • josemon maliakal

    this feature is little confusing

  • Anonymous

    This is not a problem. But if you want to remove it then right click on the blank space in new tab page and select the hide option.

  • Vipul Jain

    What's normal for you, if not new tab?

  • Charles Yost

    It also sounds like a settings to me. I would follow the suggestions below and if that does not solve your problem, I would just do a fresh install and make sure you are using the correct software install for your system.

  • Vishal Mishra

    1. Un-install the current version
    2. Use ccleaner to wipe temporary files.
    3. Install the latest version again.

    and then it should work fine.If problem persists, install previous version.

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