How can I sync offline MS Office with Google Apps?

04 May 2012
Chrome 18
04 May 2012 | Windows | Chrome 18

I think I have a problem to solve which is common to anyone who wants to (a) sync documents across devices, (b) have offline and online versions, (c) be able to use MS Office offline, and GoogleApps online.

I have set up 3 GoogleApps accounts. I’m looking for the ability to be able to edit and sync both offline and online backups of all my documents, images, etc – in both Office and Google formats – across all my GoogleApps accounts, across both desktop and android devices!

I do a lot of editing of documents in MS Office which are not compatible with Google Docs. Can Google Drive back these up on the cloud for access from any machine?

And can I backup GoogleDocs offline (on my laptop), in case I want to work on these documents when I don’t have internet connectivity.

I was thinking that a combination of e.g. Google Apps, GoogleDrive and SycDocs may do the trick.

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