How can I sync music and playlists to Samsung Galaxy S without Kies?
Question by Saumil /

I need to sync my music to Samsung Galaxy S. Kies does not work. Are there any other options? Thanks! -saumil

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Answers (11)
  • Tyler Hudon

    were you able to sync music AND playlists?  I can get my music transferred to my droid from songbird, but not the playlists.  any ideas?

  • Mike

    doubleTwist is a media player itself so instead of using it as a bridge between your Android phone and iTunes you can use it as an alternative to iTunes too.

    Other options are Songbird ( or Media Monkey ( but I don’t know how well they sync with Android – never tested it.

    foobar2000 ( is also a very simple music player and if you are lucky you might be able to find a component (which is pretty much like a plugin) to synchronize with Android

    • saumil

      Hi Mike – If I sync music with say Songbird or Foobar, Which player I should use on my Samsung Galaxy S so that playlist show up ?

    • Saumil

      Hi Mike – Songbird worked perfectly…. atlast :)

    • Mike

      I’m glad it worked and thanks for keeping us updated

    • saumil

      does it create & sync playlists??

    • Mike

      doubleTwist is using it’s own Playlists but you are able to import existing Playlists from iTunes.

      As for Android Manager I’m not sure since I don’t use iTunes on Windows.

    • Tina


      did you try doubleTwist or Android Manager? Did they solve your problem? Please let us know. Thank you!

    • Saumil

      yes i tried but playlist keeps on disappearing….Is there an iTunes like software to sync music & playlist with Android phones?

  • Mike

    You can use doubleTwist ( if you only want to sync your media. Otherwise you could look into Android Manager (

    I haven’t tested any of those with an Galaxy S so I don’t know how well they play with the Samsung Android Firmware.

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