How can I sync iPhone contacts to GMail contacts without iTunes?
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I need help syncing my iPhone contacts to GMail contacts without iTunes. I have followed Google’s instructions. I now get contacts from GMail to iPhone, but not the other way. Contacts on my iPhone did not go to my GMail contact.

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  • Prc11375

    By default contacts created on the IPhone go into the iPhone group as opposed to the gmail contacts group (for gmail users) there is a way to change the default account (I.e., group) in the iPhone settings. This will allow contacts created on the iPhone to sync with gmail contacts.

    Btw. I am responding to the original question!

  • Tina


    did you manage to set up syncing independent of iTunes? Please do let us know how you did it in case you succeeded!

    • Prc11375

      I read on other sites that contacts not part of the google all contacts group do not sync with google contacts. This is the behavior that I have observed on my iPhone. I’m looking for a way to update contact group info on the iPhone but so far have had no success.

    • Tina


      I’m afraid I cannot answer your question or confirm your observation. In case you do not receive an answer from someone else here, I recommend you to ask a new question.

    • Prc11375

      I wasn’t asking a question. Seemed like you were though…Didn’t realize you were the moderator.

    • Tina

      You said you were ‘looking for a way to update contact group info on the iPhone but so far have had no success.’ I considered that a potential question for MakeUseOf Answers. :)

  • Roy

    The only way I’ve ever heard of is by setting up your Gmail account as an Exchange account in your iPhone’s settings. This article gives step-by-step instructions:

    The article was specifically written for doing the same thing on an iPad. However, the author says (responding to a question in the comments section) that it should work on other iOS devices as well.

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