How can I sync my Hotmail calendar with GMail?
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I have a Hotmail account which synced with my Blackberry. Now I have an HTC Android phone and want to sync my Gotmail calendar with my GMail one. Help!!!

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Answers (5)
  • rob

    I have tried to set up calendar and tried to Sync to be able to access on my Samsung Galaxy. I use windows live e-mail which came with windows 7. I have set up Windows live with Hotmail and then google to WL and vice versa. however I can not get them to Sync. Google will only display my WL calendar if I click on the hotmail/ WL option. and if I create something in google or on my phone and sync them they won't appear in the windows live/ hotmail calendar. I can't find an option to refresh in the hotmail calendar either. Very Frustrating!!

    can anyone help??
    [email removed by admin]

  • Faraj Mohamed

    Wow! Such great advice.........thanks so much! I look forward to visiting your site more frequently and shall recommend to my others!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    How do I export my hotmail calendar to gmail calendar


    Hello, if you are already subscribed to google calendar you can try the following:

    -- open hotmail and select calendar
    -- create a trial calendar by adding entries to it
    -- once finished, click on share and select your calendar
    -- select share this calendar
    -- select the send people a view-only link to your calendar
    -- click on get your calendar links
    -- click on ok at the notice
    -- click on  ICS:import into another calendar application
    -- copy link provided
    -- log in to your google calendar
    -- click on other calendars down arrow and select Add by URL
    -- paste link you got from hotmail and make sure to change webcal to http in pasted link
    -- select add calendar
    -- now your hotmail calendar is synced with google calendar
    -- if you click on down arrow in your synced calendar, you select notifications and set it up to receive your daily agenda or other settings either through email or message.  Once your set up your preferences, click on save and your good to go.

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