What is the best way to sync bookmarks from my PC to my iPad?
Question by Mark O'Neill /

I would like to be able to synchronize my huge bookmarks list on my PC with the Safari browser on my iPad.

Is there a good free easy way to do this? Preferably something which syncs in the background without me having to do much.

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Answers (9)
  • Fizzer

    XMarks was good used it for years, then it got sold…
    BUT!! It is absolute pile of rubbish as an iPhone / iPad app.
    Also you have to pay premium for it (a broken app).

    NOT! Recommended.

    FireFox Home, if you use FireFox. Use this.  Can’t fault it.

  • Mark O’Neill

    I guess I will be trying X Marks then!  Thanks everyone! :-)

  • Aibek

    I second Xmarks, works very well

  • Jay

    try this one: export, import and sync.

    step 1 : export bookmarks from firefox and chrome

    Firefox :
    press ctrl+shift+B or boomarks menu>>organize bookmarks > backup/restore >> export as html> save html

    chrome : press ctrl+shift+O


    settings>>bookmarks>> bookmark manager>>organize bookmarks>>export bookmark to html

    step 2: import html files in safari on pc

    I read that safari can automatically import from IE and ff.manual method:click on file menu select import bookmarks and select the exported htmls of chrome and firefox.

    step 3: sync safari booktmarks

    already explained by ha14 : http://www.makeuseof.com/answers/sync-bookmarks-pc-ipad/#comment-366995262

    all the names and locations of options may vary because of different broswer versions.


    Hello, have you tried using Firefox Home? 

    Installing and Configuring Firefox Home:

    Firefox Home App:

  • Anonymous

    How to set up iCloud on Windows

    * Connect your iPad to your Mac or PC.
    * Start iTunes.
    * In iTunes, Click the iPad devices in the side bar.
    * Select the Info tab.
    * In the Others section of the iTunes page, check the box “Sync Safari Bookmarks.
    * Click Apply button to start syyncing bookmarks between Safari on your iPad and the Safari on your PC/Mac.

    • Mark O’Neill

      The only problem with this solution is that I don’t use Safari on the PC.  I use Firefox and Chrome :-)

    • Mjevolve

      did you gave xmarks a try ?
      as i said its multi platform supported , so it shouldnt be problem .

      just install xmarks extension for FF or chrome , 
      and it would then ask you to create a free account with xmarks on the first run .

      after installation , set it up as to what all you would like it to synchronize and back up along with the bookmarks and then also the auto back up 
       parameters .
      and you can also set up different profiles and how they should be  
      synchronized locally and centrally .
       and …
      done .

      now simply access the xmarks any where , from a browser or any platform  or from the main webpage or simply via FF or Chrome extension , 
      and you have your data .
      any changes made any where will be reflected in the central back up ( acc to your set parameters .. )

  • Mjevolve

    hello mark .

    the best bookmark synchronizer with multi platform support and pretty automated is – XMarks . http://www.xmarks.com/
    and also from all i have used its the best .

    even supports automated back ups if you happen to delete any thing from the main list .

    try it , you ll like it .. 

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