How can I sync my Android tablet with my email?
Question by Oliver /
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Although I followed several instructions I did not manage to sync my new Android tablet with my account.
I created my windows live account several months ago – even before was born.

When I login to my windows live account (or my account) I use the email adress I used during creating my account (looks like

First question: I don’t have an address ending with Many instructions use an Can I use ‘my’ email address ( to create the sync connection?

Second question: what is the server name? m-hotmail@com? snt.m-hotmail@com? I’m confused.

When using my email adress and my passwort and as server I get an error message that username or password is wrong. But both are not wrong! I can use them to login to via browser without problems.

Can anybody help me setting up a sync connection to sync my mail and contacts to my new android tablet.


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Answers (7)
  • IamAshMcLean

    If your Tablet is an Asus Transformer then:

    use the Domain as your e-mail, then the password, and then use from the incoming

  • vasu gupta

    use androids email to sync. use

  • Rajaa Chowdhury

    I suggest you to install the Hotmail client for Android, enter your email and password and let the client auto-discover the rest of the settings. That is how I went about it. The client can be found at Google Play at

  • Vincent Lu

    You will have to use the manual setup in order to make it work. When you login to the account which server or domain you type in is going to be the one you use:
    i.e (, (, (, (

    Tug Ricks suggestion is using POP3 instead of Exchange protocols. Your tablet should be Exchange ActiveSync capable.

    But putting the right info is the trick.

    Domain\Username: full email address (including; delete the "\" if it's prefilled)
    Password: (the pre-fill is wrong so re-enter is again)
    Server: (if you get "can't connect to server" sometime like that change it to "")

    make sure SSL is enble

  • Tug Ricks

    Try using the following for server settings.


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