How can I sync my Android tablet with my email?

Oliver October 3, 2012
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Although I followed several instructions I did not manage to sync my new Android tablet with my account.
I created my windows live account several months ago – even before was born.

When I login to my windows live account (or my account) I use the email adress I used during creating my account (looks like

First question: I don’t have an address ending with Many instructions use an Can I use ‘my’ email address ( to create the sync connection?

Second question: what is the server name? m-hotmail@com? snt.m-hotmail@com? I’m confused.

When using my email adress and my passwort and as server I get an error message that username or password is wrong. But both are not wrong! I can use them to login to via browser without problems.

Can anybody help me setting up a sync connection to sync my mail and contacts to my new android tablet.


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