How can I sync my Android tablet with my Google account?
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I have been trying really hard to sync my Android tablet with my Google account. Even after I verify my phone number and switch on the synchronize option in the tablet, the Android market still says my phone is not verified. I am frustrated beyond words. Please help.

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Answers (15)
  • lianne

    i just got mi andriod tablet n i have tried mi hardest to get it to link and sync to google plz help

  • Khadija Anees

    i need adobe flash player on my Android but i cant download it please give me the link for it

  • Anita Kessler

    It show I have Adobe Flash Player on my settings not on my apps can't play games from Facebook

  • Ron

    I find it hilarious that you ask a question hoping for an answer, and half of all the answers are questions for their problems...

  • Katijo83

    I have the new digix android 2.3 tablet. I have been trying to sync my google account with the android. How would I do that??

  • JeremysieglerBPA

    I'm losing hope for the android tablet that I have I can't download the adobe flash player 10.1 on the my tablet and it won't let add my device. I'm at a loss my OS is froyo 2.2, kernel 2.6.32 

  • Markbray364

    I have the Toshiba thirve tablet android version 3.1 and I tryed to sync them with an appp called tablet talk and for some reason the will not sync together any ideas? Please Help

  • Marteenus32

    How can I get my andriod apps on my andriod tablet...It is a andriod 2.3 why am I having this issue?

  • Awalkermommy

    I have an identity android tablet and i can't do anything that has to do with apps

  • Anonymous

    Some of the cheaper tablets simply do not have Market access. This is true of devices such as those sold on DealExtreme and other "deal" websites. Perhaps flashing it with an alternative ROM would help, but it has to have a fairly well-deveopled userbase to have such a ROM.

    If all you want is email, it might be a good idea to enable IMAP access to your GMail account and use the tablet's built-in email client (it has one, right?)

    If you're after apps in general, you might be able to use an alternative app market, such as GetJar (

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