How can I sync Amazon cloud player with iTunes?
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How to sync Amazon cloud player with iTunes?

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  • Ron Smith

    The problem is that the Amazon Cloud Player is pretty featureless — no way to edit song titles or artists, no equalizer or enhancement of the playback, no way to burn to CDs or sync with an mp3 player, etc. 

  • Guest

    I really dislike the fact that I purchase songs from amazon just in turn not to be able to listen to them while driving unless I want my droid running as a media player while I drive. There should be a way for Itunes to retrieve the music from amazon cloud as does vise versa.

    • xmp55

      HECK YES Man!! i mean… so i’m taking the leap of moving all my music to the Cloud. but then my ipod nano wont have any files to sync with anymore :( so now WTF! >:( OH WELL NO MORE iPOD NANO FER ME CAUSE I’D RATHER HAVE MY MUSIC IN THE CLOUD. I BE CRAZY!

  • Curtis Jackson

    The Amazon MP3 Uploader is now uploading 2,054 of my 2,388 songs. I’d like to remove the local iTunes copies of the ones that are now in the Amazon cloud, but how do I find out which 334 iTunes songs were NOT uploaded so I don’t remove them locally?

  • Willjan

    How can I get the Cloud Player music to Real Player so that I can burn a cd?

  • Ralphmayer

    Is the free music on Amazon restricted? I have downloaded a couple of songs to cloud 9 but can’t figure out how to copy them to my desktop for use in Windows Live Movie Maker.

  • Ralphmayer

    Is the free music on Amazon restricted? I have downloaded a couple of songs to cloud 9 but can’t figure out how to copy them to my desktop for use in Windows Live Movie Maker.

  • Tomas

    ya. During initial upload, Amazon cloud uploder recognized all my itunes playlists and uploaded the playlists and the songs in them.

    Since then, I have added songs to those itunes playlists in itunes, and want my amazon cloud player to reflect those changes (the songs are already on amazon cloud). There appears to be now way to just sync the playlist on amazon cloud without having to re-upload to whole playlist and have duplicate files (which is clearly not an option). Having to manually add songs to Amazon playlists is a deal killer.

  • Fatboyslimisgod

    Cloud synched iTunes and Amazon! Check out how to do it with 3rd party software.

  • Bakari

    h14 is correct. I have an article coming out on MUO that says pretty much the same thing. But in the meantime, just go onto Amazon, open your account, download the Cloud uploader, and from there it should find all your iTunes content. It will only allow you to upload DRM-free songs and videos.

    • metahack

      But what about syncing playlists? I’m finding that if I have iTunes “Five Star” and “Three, Four, and Five Star” playlists, Amazon uploader will only sync the larger playlist, ignoring playlists which only contain subsets of other playlists. Any suggestions?

    • Tina

      You might want to post a new question asking about syncing playlists specifically.

  • Tina


    iTunes and Amazon Cloud Player are two entirely different concepts and you don’t sync with Cloud Player.

    The idea is that all your music is stored in the cloud and you can access it with all your devices, provided you have internet access. In other words, you don’t store and play your music locally, as you do with iTunes, you stream it from the cloud using Cloud Player.

    The question would be, how can you transfer your existing music from iTunes to the cloud, which you would then access using the Amazon Cloud Player. Apparently, there is an Amazon MP3 Uploader for Windows and OS X that preserves your playlists and everything from both iTunes and Windows Media Player. Note that it recognizes MP3 and AAC files only. DRM protected songs are excluded.

    If you own mobile Apple devices (iPod, iPhone), however, the transition won’t make sense since the Cloud Player only supports the Android platform for mobile devices. Moreover, Apple is planning to launch their own Cloud Player and online storage solution. So if you’re an Apple boy, hang in there. Otherwise, get out quickly!

    Finally, you should not get existed if you live outside the US, as Cloud Player is available in the United States only. :(

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