Which sync software can create a list of currently backed up files on my local hard drive?

Aldo February 6, 2011
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I am using PureSync to keep synchronized a catalog of files and documents on my laptop with a copy on an external hard drive. Basically, I keep in locale only the files I am currently using and have PureSync set to never delete anything from the backup, but just add to it any new file/directory I put in my local catalog.

When I cannot access the external hard drive, I am finding it difficult to keep track of what I already have in backup and often end up searching again online for the same things, e.g. music lessons and videos, fonts and icons, documentation and so on.

Is there any software which can display a list of the backed up files without keeping thm physically on my laptop? Even only having shortcuts to the actual files would be enough. Maybe a .bat script creating the shortcuts is the best solution?


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