Why won’t SugarSync work on my two computers?

Mickey Geo October 10, 2012
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I have installed SugarSync on PC#1. I have used my referrals in order to get additional storage space. I got 500MB for installing SugarSync on PC#2. Now I found out that instead of installing SugarSync by creating a new account on PC#2, I need to sync my files between PC#2 and PC#1 so I need to add PC#2 to the network created through the SugarSync account from the PC#1.

Unfortunately, I could not do anything. I tried uninstalling SugarSync on PC#2 and I deleted the account associated with it, but when I try to add PC#2 to PC#1, SugarSync does not add PC#2, but recognizes the account created initially and does add PC#2 to PC#1.

I really need to synchronize the 2 PCs, therefore I would very much appreciate any solution to my problem.
Looking forward for your help.


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