How do I make a subscribe box like the one on MakeUseOf?
Question by Brad /

I would like to create a subscribe box like yours at MakeUseOf. How do I do this?

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Answers (5)
  • James Bruce

    sorry, as the tech guy behind MUO I probably should have answered this sooner!

    It’s not a widget or anything that you can just “add” as such. If you mean you’d like a box for users to input their email address and subscribe by email, can offer similar functionality. The facebook like button etc is available from and is very easy to use. Other than that, the design is just basic CSS, if you wanted to copy the style I’d suggest you download Firebug for FireFox and examine the CSS like that.

  • Anonymous is an easy way to create a form. You design the form on their site then get the html code. It will send people’s input to a folder in your dropbox. You just then need to add people’s email addresses to your mailing list.

  • fruitgeek

    If you have a wordpress blog, there should (probably) be an easy way to add it using a plugin. has this built in.

  • Mike

    The Subscribe box is a simple HTML Form with an Input Element and some CSS Styles applied to it. The entire thing is than wrapped in a DIV (which ironically has the class “wrapper”).

  • Sahil Dave

    can you please tell us the specific subscribe box. any url you have ?