What is the best way to stream a Podcast to my Website?
Question by Andy /

I currently have a Podcast that I record using Skype. I would like to be able to stream the show live to my own website and have a chat room for people listening to talk about the show. What would be the best way to accomplish this? The site is currently using WordPress 3.0.

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Answers (5)
  • Anonymous

    I heard for recording Skype IMCapture for Skype ( http://www.imcapture.com ) is good app, anybody use this prog?

  • Jack Cola

    What about setting up a online radio station? When you are off air, just play some music, when you are on air, have your show.

    You can easily set this up with ShoutCast and http://freestreamhosting.org/, and then just embed the player into your website or have a l”isten now” link

  • Roger McManus

    If you were going to record an audio podcast, the easiest system I have found is Audio Acrobat. I am guessing from your question you want a “live show” approach with text comments, but I have used Audio Acrobat and a bridge line to perform and record simultaneously allowing me to post the recording and keep the discussion alive after the show. They also have video products, but I have not used them. Take a look at http://rogermcmanus.audioacrobat.com/. (Full disclosure: This is an affiliate link, but you can’t buy it cheaper anyway.) Good luck. Roger

  • Taty

    Doing that from Skype could be tricky. My recommendation is that you use something like
    They allow you to stream the video live and ustream allows you to embed it to your site.

    • Andy

      yeah…that’s the issue. I’m not doing video, just audio and I don’t have all the fancy equipment, and my cohost is in another city altogether, so skype is about all I’ve got to work with. Thanks though.

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