How come strange websites are appearing in my Internet Explorer history?
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In the past few weeks, strange websites have been appearing in the history of my Internet Explorer. The time shows the time I looked at the history.

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Answers (5)
  • Anonymous

    Hi "m',

    This sounds like a virus to me. Like ha14, I think the first step is running your anti-virus program to make sure your computer is not infected with a virus. After the virus is removed (or if you get the green light from your anti-virus program), you'll likely need to reset your IE settings back to default. To do this Open IE > go to Internet Options > Click on the Advanced Tab > Click on Reset tab. Restart IE. This step deletes all temp files, disables any add-ons, plug-ins, toolbars and also resets all changed settings to default. Although this is a quick-fix, you will have to re-install the add-ons.

    Good Luck!

    IE Outreach Team

  • mm

    thanks for yor help

    • Tina

      Were you able to solve the problem with the solutions suggested here or do you need more advice? Please let us know. Thank you!

  • M.S. Smith

    It's also possible that someone else is using the computer! You might want to ask anyone else who is in your home if they've been up to something.

  • Anonymous

    Well possible that your IE is hijacked or you have malware (rootkits).

    SO instal adaware, make a scan

    you can also scan with malwarbytes anrimalware, superantispyware, clamwin antivirus, possible better to do the scan in safe mode.

    Make this analysis, to see if some ports are opened

    use a firewall like Sunbelt

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