Why am I having these strange problems with the MakeUseOf Login?

ReĆ½ Aetar September 30, 2012
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Until recently everything was fine. But now…
1 Login options are not showing sometimes
2 Unable to log in to this site using my Facebook account and sometimes when I am able to log in it shows “Thanks for your comment. If you’re a new user, your comment may be held for moderation first.” when I post something and after this my posts are never posted, though I am a long time user and everything was working fine until now.
These things are not happening when I am able to log in using my Twitter or Google account. Then my posts are posted as usual and all works fine until the next time I restart my browser.

3 I am unable to connect my Windows Live account with MakeUseOf. A pop up shows after logging in, but nothing happens after that.

4 Sometimes I am unable to log out. I have to restart my browser.
Currently using Firefox 18 and Opera.

[Editor’s note: Rest of message trimmed since written in ALL CAPS and not necessarily relevant. Feel free to add information in comment. Please do not use ALL CAPS!]

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