Why am I having these strange problems with the MakeUseOf Login?
Question by Reý Aetar /
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Until recently everything was fine. But now…
1 Login options are not showing sometimes
2 Unable to log in to this site using my Facebook account and sometimes when I am able to log in it shows “Thanks for your comment. If you’re a new user, your comment may be held for moderation first.” when I post something and after this my posts are never posted, though I am a long time user and everything was working fine until now.
These things are not happening when I am able to log in using my Twitter or Google account. Then my posts are posted as usual and all works fine until the next time I restart my browser.

3 I am unable to connect my Windows Live account with MakeUseOf. A pop up shows after logging in, but nothing happens after that.

4 Sometimes I am unable to log out. I have to restart my browser.
Currently using Firefox 18 and Opera.

[Editor’s note: Rest of message trimmed since written in ALL CAPS and not necessarily relevant. Feel free to add information in comment. Please do not use ALL CAPS!]

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Answers (24)
  • Indronil Mondal

    seems many are having similar prob but no solution
    i am unable to comment for many days

  • Anonymous

    I had had login problems before I changed my Facebook name (which was in Russian characters) into the name in strictly English characters. To spot this problem (unconventional characters) I had to exchange a number of messages with the support team. Also tried to shut off AdBlock, Avast WebRip. Didn't work though.

  • VS Vishnu

    it never lets me logout of chrome
    in firefox it works fine..

  • amb_78

    Never mind, I just found the solution, thanks to GrrGrr.

  • amb_78

    I've also been having problems for a couple of weeks now.
    I can login just fine, but the social buttons are all gone.

    I tried disabling AdBlock and Ghostery, clearing my cache and cookies, I even went a step further and disabled my antivirus, firewall, web protection (Avira IS 2012). Nothing worked.

    The weird thing is that this only happens on the MUO site, no matter what browser I'm using. I even downloaded portable versions of Maxthon and Avant Browser to test this site, but no change...

  • salim benhouhou

    just clear your cache and login again . it works for me and i hope it works for you too .

  • Rayon

    I had that problem with #4 . I . used uPad 2 , it will let me log in but not out . I went to my mail unit and look for muo , it show I am log in . then i logoff it seen to do the job . I check the iPad _ it is fine .

  • Tug Ricks

    I'm not sure why this is a problem, but I seemingly go through it every time I want to post something to MUO. Hopefully it'll get fixed because it's becoming a bit of a hassle to say anything here. :/

  • GrrGrrr

    My observations:

    1. yes there are still login/logout issues. Using Chrome. Only option is to clear cache/cookies everytime.
    2. When adblock is enabled social share option is not shown. The complete strip vanishes

    3. on>>when I am able to log in it shows “Thanks for your comment. If you’re a new user, your comment may be held for moderation first.” when I post something and after this my posts are never posted

    It means that though you see urself as logedin, you're actually NOT. The option to verify if you one is logged-in or not is to open your profile page and see if it lists your comments. If yes, you are actually logged-in.

  • Rob Hindle

    I see #3 genius of the week has added his usual zero value comments for admin to delete - but he still gets the profile upgrades - why should anyone else make any effort?

    Anyway, on to the question.
    Point 2. I occasionally get the same issue. Top right of screen shows me as logged in but sometimes when I post the system thinks I'm not logged in (BTW: I use Google login).
    I've not worked out why. I thought it may be related to what I'd been doing with my Gmail account - sometimes logged in on another tab, if I close that does it confuse MakeUseOf? Don't think that's it.

    When I use Firefox web developer toolbar to view cookies what I'm seeing looks wrong, or at least unusual - over 40kb of cookie data. The 20 makeuseof cookies seem to be repeated. I think the developers might find some clues in there.

    My fix is before I post I click "Profile", if it shows my profile: fine. If not it gets tricky. Click logout and nothing changes, I'm still shown as logged in and there's login option. I think closing the browser or at least the tab works, I'll pay more attention next time! Maybe clearing cookies wuld help.

    • muotechguy

      Yes, we have a cookie mismatch I'm on. Clearing cookies and relogging in should fix it.

    • Reý Aetar

      only ie was working mut now it takes too long (the automatic redirect is not hapening after the pop up window shows off

    • Reý Aetar

      he got to #3 by doing these non sense anyway why these problems not strike him... :p
      i got his comment in my email but ddnt find it here maybe its moved

    • dragonmouth

      Like you I use my Google signon to access MUO. I have AdBlockPlus and Ghostery enabled and I am NOT having problems with MUO. Well, just one. I can't see the Genius List but I don't think that is any great loss.

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