What’s the best storage and back-up solution for my iMac?

Kelesh Naraine September 29, 2012
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I have an iMac 7.1 (2007 silver) with a 320 GB HD. My HD is much too small for my needs and I purchased a WD MyBook 1TB and a 750 GB external drives. The 750 was up and down like a yo-yo. After google’ing it, I discovered many people have the same problem. The 750 is pretty much a write off and I cannot get the content off myself.

The 1TB has always worked until recently, such that now, I cannot get it to mount at all. I recently upgraded to OS X 10.8.2, not sure if this has anything to do with the 1TB not mounting? I use it to store all of my photos, videos and music which used almost the entire drive, not sure exactly how much since I can’t mount the drive. It contains all the pictures of my kids from birth to now, I have no other back-ups. I know, very stupid, got it, but here I am looking for help now!

Assuming I can find someone smart to recover my content, I want to install a rock-solid (or as close as possible without mortgaging my home) external storage AND back-up solution.

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