How do I stop OS X Lion from reconnecting a shared drive with every new Finder window?

Nhan Nguyen April 12, 2012
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Any time a new OS X Lion Finder window is opened, a network share (shown under SHARED in Finder’s sidebar) is automatically reconnected (let’s call it even if I just ejected/disconnected it seconds before. This particular network share resides on a Windows server.

I’ve checked in System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items and there is no link to a network drive that my computer maps to on my work network. I’ve even removed it from my Connect to Server list and Keychain (though it reappears in Keychain when a new Finder window appears!). When I’m not on my work network, Finder is slowed to a crawl, likely because it’s attempting to reconnect to that shared drive.

How can I stop this drive from reconnecting?

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