How can I stop my mother-in-law from sharing my Facebook pictures on her wall?
Question by Marisa Momo /
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My mother in law keeps “sharing” my pictures I post on Facebook to her wall.  How do I stop this?

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Answers (13)
  • Bobby Lasley

    i just go to my f/b privacy settings and pick and choose who can view what on my f/b account/timeline/photosto you dont want someone to see go to settings- custom and choose who you wish to view it.

  • larrypmNL

    interesting discussion. FB certainly limits user options.

  • Vrancken René

    i know pictures can be easely copied but i found this :10-ways-to-protect-images-from-being-stolen

  • jessemanalansan

    You change the privacy settings to Custom, then restrict your mother-in-law

  • kulotpoako

    Add your mother-in-law as a "restricted user", you can do that in the privacy settings in your facebook account.

    • Marisa

      Thanks. Once she becomes a restricted user, what will that do? Will she still be able to see the pics? That's ok with me. Just not the sharing.

    • thejay_0

      No, she won't be able to see the pics, Adding someone to Restricted is almost unfriending.

      If she shares your photos, it will not be visible to all her friends, because the "friends only" privacy you applied,
      will restrict her sharing to your mutual friends on her profile.

      You just have to keep your privacy on "friends only".

      If you know this and still not ok with the sharing,
      Then you have to hide your pics from her by custom privacy settings.

    • Abelius

      This is the only person who replied correctly. :-P

      If you publish your stuff to friends only, then only friends in common (yours and your mother's) will see the shared (by your mother) stuff.

      If it was otherwise I wouldn't use FB at all...!

    • Zebulon

      I have everything set to friends only and a few friends have shared them with others who have had their friends then comment and like them. So I can't say that this works.

  • Oron

    I'm not a Facebook user, but for my money, tell her!
    There's no point trying to find technical means that will make it difficult for her, as she will only look for ways around it, unless she knows she knows the reason why the obstacle is there. Explain to her politely but firmly that you would like not to post your pictures, and work it out with her.

  • Susendeep Dutta

    You can select the privacy level of your photo by using the steps mentioned in the link below -

  • Josh Navarro

    what i do with family members is add them to "restricted" to do that go to her page then go to the "friends" and hover over it. then add them to the group "restricted"

  • Manide

    Everytime you upload a photo, hide it from her.

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