How can I stop my homepage from redirecting me to tr.v9?
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How to stop my Firefox and IE from redirecting to Tr.v9 as the homepage?

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Answers (11)
  • Jim

    You can remove the IE/Chrome/Firefox shortcut from the desktop and recreate a newone from IE/Chrome/Firefox folder in Program Files folder.



    Go to Control Panel -> Uninstall a program

    You will find a V9 Uninstaller created by ELEX Technology, so uninstall it from there.

    I hope this will help.



  • amazon Tan

    Hi NGH,

    I have run the hijackthis but really could not see any trv9 entry. Any advise?

  • Helmer

    Thank You. Was very easy, to follow your instructions.

  • Ngh

    Hope this helps, go to firefox icon right click firefox and left click properties. On the tabs across the top you will see previous versions click on this and then restore to a point before the problem started.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently is a Turkish website that is hosted by a Chinese ISP out of Beijing. The server is physically in Brazil (

    you can try Adblock plus

  • Jay

    if your homepages are changed, you can change them back to your choice, like:
    tools menu > options>general>homepage -change it > ok

    tools menu > internet options : tools> internet options > hoempage- change it > ok


    Hello, to prevent this from happening again, you could install the following free software:

    SpywareBlaster helps prevent redirecting to other sites.  With the free version you will have to update it manually.  It also works for firefox.  You can make a backup of host file and something similar to system restore.  If you have redirects or get infected, you can just restore the file and you are done.  Of course before using this, I would make sure that your system is completely clean.

    For more steps to fixing this problem, you could refer to the link below.  It deals with redirecting pages, toolbars, etc.  It is a different software but the steps should be the same:

  • Jeff

    Hi there,

    You most likely installed a toolbar or addon that is performing the redirecting. Firstly, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Programs & Features and remove any applications that you don't use anymore, especially anyone dealing with Tr.V9.

    Start FireFox in Safe Mode (Start -> All Programs -> Mozilla Firefox Safe Mode) and Internet Explorer in "Internet Explorer Without Addons". Is the problem removed in these modes? If so, it's an addon. In Firefox, go to Menu-> Tools (or FireFox Tab) and select "Addons". Remove any addons, extensions and plugins that you do not use. Then go to Tools -> Options/Preferences and go to the General tab. In the Homepage textbox, change it to a desired homepage or select "Restore to default".

    In Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Manage Addons and disable any addons that you do not use. 

    Tr.V9 may be malware. I suggest you download a malware scanner. Once installed, update it and perform a full scan. Does it find anything?

    How To Remove Add-ons From Internet Explorer
    How To Remove Add-ons From FireFox

    Does this solve your problem?
    - Jeff

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