How do I stop hackers from accessing my Yahoo email?
Question by Robert Pride /
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Someone has hacked my Yahoo email and is now sending my contacts offers for Viagra and the like. How do I stop them?

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Answers (5)
  • Anonymous

    change your password and instal on your pc an antilogger like the following


    Hello, after following the advice given above about making sure that your computer is free from spyware/virus, and reporting it to yahoo, you could use the export function if available to backup your contacts to a secure place.  Once your contacts are backed up and exported, make sure to delete them all.  If you do this, you will be preventing whoever is accessing your account from sending offers to your contacts.  Also, if you have folders in your email with important information, it is better if you backup those folders to somewhere secure and then delete those folders too.  That will prevent attacker from getting your important information. 

    You could set up another email address for you.  In this email address, use it only for general use...not for important stuff.  Keep or set this address in your contacts and check it regularly to see if you get any links and offers from your yahoo email account.
    Once you are sure your account is secure, and nobody but you have access to it, you can import the contacts and folders back.

    I would advice you to use something like lastpass to manage your online accounts and passwords.  Once you install the software for your browser or operating system, make sure to go to your yahoo email and change the password to a secure password generated by lastpass.  Remember the longer the password, plus the use of numbers, signs, etc....the more secure it will be.

  • Jay

    change your password, this should stop this, unless you have a malware.
    if you dont have access to account,recover it like jeff said.

    once you get access to yahoo account.
    stop using yahoo, and switch to gmail, it is more safe.
    and you will get more options for safety.

    also avoid clicking something that you are not sure about.
    use antivirus and antimalware.
    use hard security questions that only you can answer.

  • Jeff Fabish

    Hi Peter,

    Firstly, are you able to access your account still? If not, use Yahoo Password Recovery to attempt to recover your account. If that fails, you may contact Yahoo by phone at 1-408-349-1572 or a variety of other options.

    To isolate the attack, go to a secure network and change any passwords that were similar or the same as the password on your compromised email account. Warn all of your friends that your email has been attacked and to not accept any attachments from or initiate conversations with your account. 

    - Jeff

  • Abc

    Change your password.

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