How can I stop Firefox from not responding all the time?
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How to stop my Firefox from “(Not Responding)” every 2 minutes?

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Answers (34)
  • Jakebe2

    I have had this problem on two computers running Firefox.  I finally discovered that Carbonite Online Backup was what was causing my problem.  My computers had AMD 4 core processors and I have 8GB of memory but for whatever reason Carbonite would bring it to a crawl at times. I can pause Carbonite and the problem goes away.  Turn it back on and I'm at a crawl again.  Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else has Carbonite running.

  • Pittsy2004

    I had this same issue and solved it. The problem was a registry error. Follow the instructions below to resolve it.

    Go to 'Run' and open 'cmd'
    • Type 'netsh' in command console then press enter
    • Then type 'winsock' and press enter and then type reset
    • Restart Your PC

    • Problem Is Solved :)

    • Tina

      Thank you for sharing your solution, Pittsy!

    • Petes

      I'll give it a try as soon as I get my computer repaired.

      It's been 5 months since my first reply so go figure how frustraing this is. Other theory I have is that sync may be the one with the problem since I have hundreds of bookmarks, we'll see.


  • RHG

    Thank you Tina, I tried your sync solution and it worked. I don't know what was the problem in my case, I didn't have any add-ons and my java, flash, etc were all updated.

    • Tina

      Thanks for your feedback! Glad one of the solutions suggested above worked for you.

  • Neil

    firefox has too much problems but the addons are great

  • Tina

    Thanks for your input, A D M!

    Meanwhile, I wrote an article on How To Downgrade Firefox Or Internet Explorer To A Previous Version. This may be helpful to anyone who is looking to return to a stable (for them) version. Thanks for the tip regarding the security vulnerabilities in Firefox 4!

  • Anonymous

    I'm having the same problem but with firefox 5. in Windows 7. Using NOD32 antivirus, and plenty of resources - 2gb ram, plus 2 more gb readyboost and a 1.6ghz celeron mobile and. I have the current versions of flash, java, quicktime and all windows updates and updated drivers for my hardware. Buying a new laptop is not an option, and that'd be silly -much easier to downgrade to firefox 4 where the "not responding" problem did not occur, or use any one of several faster and more reliable browsers. I can't figure out what is causing this. It can occur with one tab open, or several (but rarely more than 5 or 6 tabs). It occurs when I'm wired, and when I am using wifi (at home - I don't use public hotspots). There seems to be no common denominator except - firefox 5.

    • Tina

      Try to restart Firefox with Add-ons disabled (> Firefox > Help > ...) or create a new profile and see whether the issue disappears. If it does, you know one of your add-ons causes the problem. If it doesn't switch to another browser.

  • Petes

    I have one solution (kind of), just update your graphics card drivers, that helped a lot (Nvidia 8600M GS). I wouldn't blame add-ons, they are always the easiest thing to blame but the bug is within FF or the driver. I'm sure many people have this problem. I guess that older computers have this problem?

  • Petes

    Now my 3.6.18 is acting similar to FF4 after the last couple updates I get the (Not Responding) message once in a while but not as bad as FF4, so I guess they are copying code from FF4 into 3.6.

    Maybe to give us a reason to update? That wouldn't make any sense I know :(

    This is so frustrating!!!

  • Aaryas

    I had the same problem and fixed it after removing McAfee SiteAdvisor from Add/Remove Programs. I hope this helps someone out there! =)

    • Tina

      Thanks for the feedback, Aaryas. In most cases, trouble with Firefox is indeed caused by add-ons. 

      But as you see in the example of Binyda above, who still has issues when running Firefox using a virgin profile, there are exceptions.

      And I must say that McAfee SiteAdvisor is not worth a dime, nor time.

    • Wunderkind

       Most of the above issues are caused by a "profile" file error.
      Google it...

  • Binyda

    i just installed windows 7 did some restart (till it updated all the driver and hotfixes) installed firefox 4(no addons no bookmarks) and still if i try to open 2/3 tabs fast via typing the website adres it hangs and shows not responding for 4/5 seconds
    i just formated my PC cos i had the same issue with older windows 7 (i thought it was the OS or too much addons/bookmarks)
    CPU intel e2160 1.8 OC to 2.0 4gb ram 1tb (system)+250gb+160gb+160gb

    • Tina


      you seriously took drastic measures just to fix an issue with Firefox! Maybe Firefox is simply not made for you. Why don't you just switch browsers. I would recommend Chrome, but you can also try Opera. Now if you can help it, please don't burden yourself with Internet Explorer!

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