Which SSD is better and lasts longer: Samsung SSD S830 or Kingston SSD Now HyperX 3K?
Question by fenekus fen /


SSD SATA3 128GB Samsung 830 Series 520/320MB/s, MZ-7PC128B/WW

KINGSTON SSDNow 120GB, 2.5″, SATA III, HyperX 3K – SH103S3/120G

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Answers (19)
  • SoftwareDemons

    Kingston is what i recommend

  • Douglas Mutay

    Compare Samsung to Kingston, I will go for the leader on that kind of hardware: Kingston off course, but Intel SSD are also good choice.

  • fenekus fen

    Thanks, Kingston leads for now.
    I’ll will investigate a little more; at the end, maybe Intel SSD120GB (2.5″, SATA III, MLC, 330 series – SSDSC2CT120A3K5) is the best?

  • Declan Lopez

    the kingston

  • Jan Fritsch

    One would have to see a real world comparison to determine which one really lasts longer.

    Personally I went with a Samsung 830 myself. They are quiet good in benchmarks and with Samsung producing both, the memory chips and the SSD controller I believe they as reliable as it gets.

  • Jesse Manalansan

    Kingston all the way :)

  • Dino Pearsons

    I can’t recommend Kingston SSDs enough. We use a lot of SSD drives at work and Samsung ones caused a lot more trouble than Kingston ones.

    In fact, we never had a failure (so far) on a Kingston, which is probably a lot of dumb luck but still, I recommend going for Kingston.

  • Alan Wade

    The answer depends on how you treat the SSD, how often you Start/Shutdown your PC, if you shall defrag it or not, (Yes, it makes a difference to the different brand names) etc etc etc.

  • Dave

    Best SSD drive I have come across is the Cucial M4 256GB SATA 3, it’s reasonable price and comes with excellent support (if required). As Crucial did (and still do of course) make memory then this is a straight move for them as their memory modules were fantastic too.

  • Alex Perkins

    I’d go with Kingston, they’ve been in memory longer that Samsung.

    • Jan Fritsch

      Kingston produces modules wherein Samsung also produces the actual memory chips. Kingston even uses a lot of Samsung chips in their products (both RAM and SSD) e.g. in their SSDNow V+.

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