How can I find out the source of a threatening Facebook message?
Question by not so savy /

I got a friend request on Facebook. I did not confirm as friend, but I did click on the bogus person’s name and there was a threatening message there for someone that knew details of my family correct name. I saved everything. How can I find out who sent this, or location or something to narrow down where it was sent from.

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Answers (7)
  • Tina

    Less than savy,

    did you report the abuse to Facebook and did they respond? I hope the issue was solved and you are no longer threatened.

  • Jack Cola

    I suggest hitting the report button if it appears and contact Facebook about it to see if they can give you information on who actually posted it and where it come from.

    Apart from that, I don’t you’ll get the information of exactly who they are as anyone can make a fake profile. Unless they cross reference with other IP addresses or log ins from the same computer.

  • Steve Campbell

    I agree with Tina. There’s a good chance that people at Facebook are the only ones who can help you with this matter. I’m not sure there would be another way for you to track the origin of the message without their help.

  • Tina

    First of all, you should report the incident to Facebook. I found the page that explains how to properly report abuse:

    • less than savy

      i tried to go back on the original email notification and she ( said female ) has taken her profile off i guess and it goes right to my own notification, suggestions page. All i have is the original email from facebook of the friend request from this bogus name…do you think i could send the email i originally got to someone ( facebook ) to track down? it doesn’t appear you can by that link you sent me. they could just change bogus profile names and do the same thing again i guess…any suggestions?

    • Jack Cola

      The original email you got should work because it comes from a unique encrypted email address. Facebook should be able to decrypt it and get the profile of the user who sent it.

      The email address would be something like

      (Note that I changed it, but if anyone says an email to that address it will appear on that status update – and you don’t even have to be friends I believe.)

    • red head

      I will try this. I do have the email address that looks something like the one you put on. My last question here is: do you have the email address for facebook that I would send that to? I am wondering if they will give me any information at all or if that would invade that person’s privacy ( although that person sure didn’t mind invading my privacy ) Thanks for your help…that request with that message for my family freaked me out!

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