Can you help me sort out my login issues with a user account that only opens in Safe Mode?

gary thompson January 22, 2011
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I have a Windows XP PRO QUAD drive. First I could not get into my computer, so somebody told me about when password box shows, type in Administrator and then hit enter key twice, which I did.

Well, that was fine, but my mail was empty, Mozilla Firefox wanted me to set up all my addons again. I could not understand where everything had gone. My Norton started having problems updating.

It was a nightmare all because I wanted auto logon through Tuneup Utilities. I had a tech from Norton antivirus help me from their end and fix their problem, but I still could not work out where everthing had gone.

Now everytime the computer boots up and opens up it opens with a long rectangle square – it’s not the right password – and behind that is the login box. As I click ok on the two boxes on the right hand side of the screen, two small admin squares appear. I had tried to wipe my logon details off, but being an old button pusher from way back you can’t expect much else, eh! Well, now I push both and they go into safe mode, but the bottom one has all my mail, music, software and I cannot start it in normal mode and even if I could all my gear is in safe mode.

Could somebody please help this old bugger out please, gazza!

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