Why won’t my Sony Vaio laptop recognise the integrated webcam?
Question by Alberto Estrada /
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I have a Sony Vaio PCG-71C11U. Recently, the computer forced me to wipe it. After I installed MSN and Skype I was able to use the webcam, but recently when I tried to use the same programs the webcam did not work.

I have tried re-installing the driver but upon trying to do so the driver does not recognize the webcam and aborts. Does anybody have any idea how to solve this?

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Answers (5)
  • brononomous

    mine did the same thing i have a sony vaio f series and it just stopped working i have the latest drivers and everything but the camera just doesn't show up its like it doesn't exist


    Hello, did the installation give you any error code when it aborted?  It would be useful to know the error if it did.  I would suggest uninstalling old drivers and then visit the sony site to download new ones.  Make sure they match your operating system and model.

  • ha14

    perhaps Logon as Admin?

    Control Panel - Device Manager - Imaging - write down make and model of camera - double click on it and on driver's tab get version. Now click Update Drivers.
     The right click on the camera - Uninstall - Reboot - thiswill refresh the driver stack. Upon reboot windows will detect a new hardware and will install driver.

    In Device Manager, expand "Universal Serial Bus controllers and delete all.
    remove the laptop battery to make sure all hardware will reset.
    reboot windows

    ordo a scan with drivereasy and see if it will detect a new Sony Visual Communication Camera driver

    • Alberto Estrada

      I have already tried going into BIOS but it doesn't give me any option to control the hardware. I have also tried resetting to original settings but nothing changed.

      I also tried going into system manager but I cannot find any mention of cameras anywhere. 

      If I uninstall all the USB controllers will they reappear after I replace the battery?

      The drivereasy scan did not detect any webcam related anything. 
      Thank you for your help!

    • ha14

      possible you have hardware problem so this is why the webcam do not function,.

      you can try the usb controllers thing.

      perhaps the driver that you are using is not compatible with windows 7?

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